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  1. jeff1penny

    jeff1penny Member

    Hey everyone...looking for some help here in settings.....

    Now before I start, I need everyone to know I'm NOT referring to the screen timeout here, what I'm referring to is something completely different....(or perhaps not)

    When I'm using the device, even if my screen timeout is set to let's say 30 seconds, if I'm not actually TOUCHING the screen, my screen will "dim" after a few seconds of non-use. Anyone know why this is and what setting I can disable so that the screen stays at full brightness UNTIL it times out?

    I appreciate your responses, thanks

  2. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Sounds like Smart Stay, go to settings, display, and turn off smart stay.

    Smart stay is the technology that checks if you're watching the screen before turning the display off, and keeps it on if you are. It works in conjunction with your screen timeout setting.

    If screen timeout is set to 15 seconds, smart stay will dim the screen after 15 seconds if you're not looking, then if you're not looking a second time after a further 15 seconds, it'll turn the screen off.
  3. jeff1penny

    jeff1penny Member

    Hey matttye, thanks for the response, but I should've mentioned I have that disabled as well.... :-/

    Any other suggestions?
  4. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    Could be auto brightness? You might wanna try turning that off.
  5. hootie3

    hootie3 Member

    The Nexus and S1 both do this as well as my S3. Maybe its a Samsung thing? I use it as a timer telling me my screen is about to time out.
  6. jeff1penny

    jeff1penny Member

    Really? and there's no way to adjust it? or do I need to bump up the screen timeout and it will be less frequent?

    I have auto-brightness disabled as well, should've mentioned that before
  7. hootie3

    hootie3 Member

    TBH, i only notice my screen doing it at 30secs which is what my timer is set at. I have smart stay and auto brightness on.

    I did try 15 and 60 seconds and observed no dimming. That may be simply dumb luck tho.
  8. jeff1penny

    jeff1penny Member

    Could you try it on 15 seconds with smart stay & auto-brightness disabled just for a sanity check for me? :)
  9. hootie3

    hootie3 Member

    About 7 seconds in it dims. Tried multiple times with smart stay and auto brightness off for 15 seconds.

    No dimming with smart stay and/or auto brightness activated.
  10. hootie3

    hootie3 Member

    One other thing is to turn off auto adjust screen tone inn the display settings if you have it on. It probably is what's causing the screen to dim out since that's what it's supposed to do.
  11. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Nah, my Droid X and Transformer Prime do it too. It's a visual indicator that the screen is about to time out giving you a chance to touch the screen to prevent it from timing out. I don't know of a way of disabling it.
  12. hootie3

    hootie3 Member

    My last 4 phones have all been Samsung's. Good to know it's on other phones as well.

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