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    May 1, 2012
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    Hi this is actually my first post so hope you guys can help me out.

    Have an Xperia Pro (not mini). Been working really well since I bought it about a month ago.
    However have now encountered a wierd problem with the screen. When I turn on Waze GPS app - the screen goes mental and constantly flickers (almost blinking you could say) and I cant press anything on the screen - only pressing the home button (physical button) lets me get out of the app. This strangely doesnt happen with any other app except for Voxer (which i dont care for much anyway was just trying it out). Running stock gingerbread btw.

    Can you guys help please? FYI I have tried out the following steps:
    1. Tried with changing brightness settings - tried it on auto, low and high and problem persisting.
    2. tried restarting phone few times - no change.
    3. tried uninstalling waze and reinstalling - no change. Tried with data clearing too - no change.
    4. Problem persisting when app is stored on phone or on sd card.

    Is this a hardware or software issue? Its wierd because the problem only seems to exist on Waze (and Voxer).

    Help please! Im in India - they normally dont replace the phone in warranty they will repair it only which could take ages!

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    Welcome to AF,and glad you found us, I would suggest you post in this section, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro - Android Forums, I think you will get better resoponse, I do not have a Sony, but i truly believe your answers will be better answered there, you will definitely get more looks there, hope someone helps you out there.:pepsi:
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