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  1. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    I have been experiencing a light screen flickering on some of the lighter colors, most notably lighter grays. I saw where Novox77 had mentioned having a similar issue in another thread but didn't see if he had any sort of resolution for the problem. After some searching I saw that the One X was plagued with this issue and that HTC had released an OTA that seemed to have fixed the issue for them. Info on that can be found here:

    Screen Flicker - Response from HTC - Page 89 - xda-developers

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or heard of any sort of solution? I hesitate to just swap it out because otherwise the device is perfect. If it is just software related I can hold off since it isn't horribly noticeable.

  2. omiller315

    omiller315 Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen it. Is there a certain website that you notice it on, that I can goto to check it out. I haven't noticed anything, but I certainly haven't put the phone through any rigorous use and could have missed it.
  3. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    Noticeable every time I open market, and in all the gray boxes inside of the market. More noticeable when brightness is set above 60-70 percent or so. Noticeable on the orange wallpaper that comes already set, along with a couple of others with lighter tones to them, mostly when the homescreen is blank. Some other places as well, but those are the more easily noticeable ones.
  4. omiller315

    omiller315 Well-Known Member

    I bumped my brightness to 100% and wasn't seeing anything on the orange home screen or the market. I do know everyone's eyes refresh differently. Had a co worker swear her screen was flickering. I couldn't see it nor a bunch of other people .. Hopefully some others here will notice it as well, so you don't think you got a lemon :( . Like you said though if there is an issue like the One X, a software update will fix it. I would only ever return a phone over hardware . Software is easily fixed..
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  5. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    I agree. Like I said it isn't horrible, and the rest of my phone is just perfect, I love it. Hopefully it is just a software issue like the One X. Thanks for checking:)
  6. omiller315

    omiller315 Well-Known Member

    No problem. Do other people see it flicker on your phone?
  7. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my wife can see it, as well as a friend.

    Edit: Wife only noticed when I pointed it out. It's faint, not enough to induce a seizure or anything:) It does flicker rapidly.

    Edit 2: I'm really not trying to be picky here. I do really love this phone, it is not so awful that I can't live with it, I'm more worried if it is not something that can be a software fix of some sort, that it would potentially get worse.
  8. Softgel97

    Softgel97 Member

    I've got it. I noticed it a few days ago. It's very faint, but I can definitely see it when Google Play is loading and among other times as well.

    I also have a dead pixel, which I could probably live with, but not both issues. I'll give HTC until next week to fix the flicker (if it's possible) or at least say the problem will be fixed or else I'll be exchanging the EVO.
  9. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    I did send an inquiry to HTC last night asking if they were aware of it and if there could be a software fix like for the One X. Not sure how HTC support is since I have never used that method of communication before, but I will let you know if I hear anything. If you have a spare moment, maybe shoot them an email as well. I'm sure that wouldn't hurt to bring awareness to the issue.
  10. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    novox77 resolved his by exchanging it for a new unit. When comparing to mine (no flicker) it was visible in Play Store/Market dialogs, so it's not just you.
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  11. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    yep, this was exactly the problem I had. The grays in the Play store flickered.

    Another good way to reproduce the issue is to go to the brightness setting. The gray area around the brightness dialog window flickers.

    The problem came and went. It wasn't consistent. It is subtle, but it was driving me nuts (kinda like PenTile). I spent an entire evening with EarlyMon trying to find out if it could be correlated to anything, a setting, the multitasking issue, etc. Nothing seemed to line up.

    I went back to the store and looked at their two display units. They both flickered as well. So I asked for an exchange, not keeping my hopes up, since it seems like the store received a bad batch or something. But my new phone had no issues at all. I got lucky.
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  12. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response. It seems it could be the same sort of issue as the One X. Hopefully it is just software. I really would rather not play roulette with another phone.
  13. Slash3040

    Slash3040 Well-Known Member

    A little problem I've noticed was sometimes when looking at a photo, or even something like the Play Store's gray background when it's loading, the screen will somewhat flash different tones of that color. It almost looks like the phone is having a mini seizure, but it happens so quickly. Anyone else notice this?
  14. Softgel97

    Softgel97 Member

    Update on this... I noticed the screen flickering shortly after receiving the device. I just received a replacement from Wirefly (after a long battle) and the flickering is gone on the new screen and the colors are definitely brighter and more vivid. I'm glad I decided to exchange it and I would advise others experiencing the flickering to do the same. It appears to be a manufacturing defect affecting a certain number of phones.
  15. photostu

    photostu Active Member

    Is it time to share Hardware versions?

    I have the flicker, HW 0003.
    I also have WiFi dropouts, although the signal icon shows full wifi bars.
  16. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    I believe that all handsets so far are Hardware Version 0003. (Please only post if you have 0002 or 0004 - we don't need a whole thread of people all saying 0003)

    This is the best attempt I have seen at figuring out hardware differences:
    A Tale of Two EVO 4G LTEs: Yellow Screens, Light Leakage, and Stickers - xda-developers
    (See Post # 22 for a video of the flicker - I couldn't get it to play on my computer)

    I have had a whiter display and yellower display in hand at the same time. Each with different box styles like the poster above had noticed. I personally have only seen flicker on the phones with the yellower display.
    It also seemed that the yellower display handset had a slightly worse signal (totally unscientific observation - could have been a number of different factors at play.)

    For those with flicker, do you have automatic brightness on?
  17. photostu

    photostu Active Member

    Have flicker, did not have auto-brightness set.

    Set it, still have flicker when screen is brighter.
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  18. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Anyone else noticing their screens flickering on greys, photos and other random times? You have to adjust your eyes to notice it, but it is there no doubt. A good way to test if you have this issue is to go into the play store and look at the greys closely. Or open your pictures.
  19. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    * SEE ABOVE POST* Is anyone else noticing this? I'm really curious.. It is NOTHING like what the one x crowd is seeing.. In fact you really have to look to see it... It is very subtle.. And it happens mostly with Grey colors and I noticed when viewing pictures also . Easier to see when screen brightness is higher. Just want to know if this is happening to anyone else.. I can definitely live with it.. I'm just anal about this stuff.. Lol
  20. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    This issue was there when I was unrooted and now while rooted.. On meanROM and Viper.

    I've searched "screen flicker" on YouTube and my phone does not do anything near that. I'm not sure how to explain it correctly... Or if it's just my eyes.. I've asked a co worker to look at my phone he said he didn't see anything

    It doesn't flash different tones of color.. No artifacts.. Nothing that really stands out as "wow this screen is f-ed up"... Ugh sometimes I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist.. I always have to analyze and tinker... Lol

    Go to the play store and get" screen tester" tap the screen a few times to get to the Grey scale screen that's the perfect test to see if you have what I'm experiencing. Make sure to set your brightness to max. If a couple people could run this test I would appreciate it ;)
  21. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    No flicker here.
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  22. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Did you download that app and look very closely on the Grey shades screen? Thank you :)
  23. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    No I didn't.... but if I do and then I see flickering I'm going to be annoyed. I'd rather just not see any flicker now and be happy ;)

    Oh wait, maybe I should have just said "yes" in answer to your question :p:D
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  24. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Lmao! I see what you did there.. Yeah please.... Do not be like me and analyze everything.. Sometimes I feel like I'm looking for problems.. And you know what happens when you keep knocking on the Devils door... :p

    I guess if it turns out to be my screen I'm going to have to buy the white conversion a little sooner.. I'm going to keep the black unibody but install the silver kickstand.. An white digitizer... Someone on xda has his setup like that. It looks amazing
  25. PattiCakeUS

    PattiCakeUS Well-Known Member

    OK... I set my brightness to max and downloaded this, no flickering. Good thing too or I'd have been mad at you! :D
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