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  1. Italianoleone

    Italianoleone New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to Android and world of tablets as well. My wife has an A1 and its screen starts flickering slightly when on low brightness. Has anybody noticed similar?
    I'd like to ask you a favour. Can you please turn down the brightness on your A1 while watching a youtube video with bright, static background (like news or talk show) or browsing (pressing links) a web page with white background? I wonder if you will experience any flickering while on low brightness.
    I read on forums this is a common thing with all LED-backlit screens on low brightness (Wikipedia confirms this) but since most people don't notice it, it's not a big issue. We are thinking of returning the unit but want to avoid the hassle if this really is a normal behaviour.


  2. worldwideroam

    worldwideroam Member

    Mine also has such a behaviour. Doesn't really bother me, as I usually use it at a brighter level.

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