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Screen Flickering IssueSupport

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  1. TikPandora

    TikPandora Member

    I am the owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, and this is my first android smart phone. I have noticed something odd though. When the screen goes dim, for whatever reason, it begins to flicker like mad. Hopefully it is a software issue, because I would much rather fix something like that.

  2. rdmahan

    rdmahan New Member

    I too just received a brand new Samsung Proclaim and mine also exhibits the same flicker when the backlight has dimmed. Anybody have any ideas?
  3. jeeptj5

    jeeptj5 New Member

    No idea how to fix it, probably the software hunting for the correct brightness level, but when I'm in those conditions, I just set to manual brightness and the flickering goes away. There are several default brightness levels, so you can usually find one that's appropriate for the condttions the fone is in.... Works for me.
  4. TikPandora

    TikPandora Member

    I just exchanged mine for a different phone, and the new one still has a little flicker on certain brightnesses, but it is nowhere near as annoying or noticeable. I think I will just stick with this one, seeing that other's are having the same issue my last one had. I would much rather have this little flicker than the atrocity that the last phone had.
  5. walmartshopper

    walmartshopper New Member

    My first Proclaim had no flickering issues. I bricked it and got a new one, and the new one flickers a little bit at the lowest brightness. I never use the lowest brightness, so it doesn't bother me enough to send it back. I'm guessing the backlight just has a cheap/bad inverter.
  6. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    i've noticed this too around 30% brightness, seems to happen most prominently when there's a white background on the screen.
  7. djd616

    djd616 Member

    Mine does it, not all the time though, when I click on gallery. Or sometimes when I'm in there, and click on a picture to try to use it as wallpaper. But like I said not all the time but often enough. The only thing that resolves it is to shut the phone off and then back on. But who wants to do that all the time?? Anybody else have this issue??
  8. bani kanta

    bani kanta Member

    same to me .... whenever my screen gooes to dim it starts flickering .. seems to be hardware problem I reset the factory twice and disable the HW overlay and autobrightness . but no action . it stilll flickers . seems to be hardware .
  9. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Turn screen off, then back on. Seems to reset its sensitivity. For the moment anyhow.

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