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Screen flickering?Support

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  1. senseoffender

    senseoffender Member

    This doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when I'm indoors, the screen flickers between brightness settings. I'm assuming it's the screen trying to adjust to light conditions (cause when I cover the sensor, it stays low), but when I hold the phone completely still, it still tries to adjust, and results in constant flickering. Is this normal? Can I turn this off?

  2. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Member

    i have not had this problem at all. I do have to take my phone back today for anther one for very poor call reception which is causing lots of static. Grrr.

    like I said tho on my phone there is no screen flickering at all.
  3. Nyx

    Nyx Member

    I've seen this on mine as well in dim lighting. I haven't been too bothered by it because I will just turn a light on or shift my position. Not sure the exact conditions to repeat it but just wanted to confirm it's an issue.
  4. 4LC4PON3

    4LC4PON3 Member

    My last phone was defective & had to be returned. I went yesterday & they gave me a new phone & on the new phone I noticed the screen flickering but its very faint almost hard to tell but its there. Doesnt bother me at all since like I said its hard to tell that its doing it. Not sure whats causing it tho.

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