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Screen flickers and distorts :(Support

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  1. kimtsan

    kimtsan New Member

    The screen of my Acer A200 tab sometimes flickers...I'm not sure if it's just internet loading problems or the problem is internal. I bought it five days ago and the screen flickers and distorts mostly when I use the YouTube app or when browsing the internet. Can this be fixed? I'm thinking of returning it and exchange for a new one, or return it and get a better tab...I don't know. Please help!! :(

  2. lordfly911

    lordfly911 Well-Known Member

    The YouTube app does this when it is showing that stupid 3d wrap around view. I ignore that and go to the home page.

    I have noticed an issue with Netflix doing a screen flicker/resize when switching scenes when watching some shows. I think it is a problem with the renderer.

    Otherwise the tablet screen seems fine 99% of the time,
  3. lifesignz

    lifesignz Active Member

    What browser are you using when it does this flickering?
  4. ktgold1025

    ktgold1025 New Member

    mines do the same thing i have a samsung galaxy tablet, it flickers a lot when im on fb its so bad sometimes i just get on my laptop
  5. ktgold1025

    ktgold1025 New Member

    i use google should i use something else

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