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  1. NZChickadee

    NZChickadee New Member

    So I <3 my P970, EXCEPT the screen seems to freeze either when the alarm goes off or when its on charge it started when I first got it (I upgraded to 2.3 the day I got my phone) im trying to sort it without having to go into 2degrees (NZ Mobile Company) any ideas? Updates? I have checked on the LG Mobile Support Tool and it says no avalible updates.

    HELP... Please :)

  2. vic236

    vic236 Member

    I purchased 3 LG-P970 online for $200 each.

    One of them is so far doing okay, the other 2 have issues.

    1 of them with issues has now had the flashing issue cannot get it fixed in Australia bcs of limited warranty.

    In a nut shell LG is shit I would not reco this phone, IPhone 3 and 4 is a far better pcs of hardware.

    If anyone finds out the flash issue pls post

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