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  1. ruiz2k5

    ruiz2k5 New Member

    Has anyone's screen go crazy when you open up an app? It usually happens with white apps. Like When I open the market, facebook, or Opera web browser and other app that have the white background. When I go into the menu with the black screen its fine. The craziness looks like when you have bad cable reception on a TV. I just got my Epic 5 days ago and its happening. So far I put the brightness in auto brightness for he screen and it hasnt happened yet but its only been 5 minutes. Anyone ever heard of that and know whats causing it? Thanks.

  2. Sweetleaf420

    Sweetleaf420 New Member

    Sir are u rooted?, this worked for me removing the google widget and the internet short cut on ur homescreens, hope it works unless u dont have that phone no more

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