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Screen goes blank during a call -common glitch?Support

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  1. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Need to know if this is a bug or what! When I make a call, regardless of using speakerphone or holding the handset to my ear, the screen goes blank repeatedly during the call. This is not correlating with the screen time-out choice I have set (which is currently 2 minutes). For example, if I call a toll-free # and have to enter information on the dialpad at the automated prompts, I have to tilt the phone front to back to get the screen to come on again so I can see the dialpad to enter the numbers required. Again, this happens regardless of whether speakerphone is on or off. It's quite annoying to say the least, when I have to enter lots of things via the dialpad and keep tilting my phone just to do this. I also have to tilt the phone to get the screen to come back so I can use the end call slider. Do I have a bum Transform?

  2. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    BTW, the sensor for holding it to my head works fine as designed (i.e. screen blanks when the phone is near my ear. I'm more concerned about the speakerphone usage and when the speakerphone is NOT on, but volume is up, so I hold the phone about 18" from my head, etc to hear the voice through the speaker (while speakerphone is OFF).
  3. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    First, are you using Froyo? And if so what build?
  4. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Nope, stock Transform. Still too chicken to try the install given my penchant for screwing up one small step!
  5. Winner

    Winner Member

    I have a Transform and the screen goes blank exactly as you describe. It's especially ridiculous when you have to press numbers during a call. I have always assumed the phone is designed that way. I agree it is a pain in the neck but I'm guessing that's how Android phones work.

    Just don't get me started on sliding the off button to end a call.
  6. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    I dealt with this issue until I made sure to not put my finger over the light and proximity sensor during a call. Now it works fine for me...
  7. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Hmm, unless that sensor is on the side of the phone somewhere, I'm usually holding the phone away from me by 18" at least while on speakerphone and holding the phone by it's sides. The screen still goes dark (before my screen timeout of 2 mins, probably within 5 seconds or so) and I have to tilt/shake the phone forward and back to get the screen back. Very aggravating when I have to go through an automated menu and the screen keeps going dark on me!
  8. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    The sensor is to the left of the Sprint logo on the left hand side. I use speaker a lot and to turn on my screen if it goes black during a call I put my finger by the proximity sensor and then take it off and the screen re-appears. Or one could press the power button as well...
  9. monmur

    monmur Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, I see it. My finger isn't on the light sensor as I usually hold my phone by the sides midway down the phone when on speaker. Bummer. I have tried the power button to get the screen to come back during a call, but all that does is LOCK my phone screen and I have to swipe to unlock while on the call so I can get back to the dialpad to continue with number entry, etc. Love the speaker option, dislike the fact the screen won't stay lit and I have to tilt the phone or do as you suggest and hit the power button (and then unlock the screen). Gah. Murphy's Law strikes again!
  10. hurricane1978

    hurricane1978 New Member

    Someone said something about getting the "stay awake" app and it fixed this going black issue while on a call! Good Luck!
  11. alwill

    alwill New Member

    Thank you, your answer did help me this morning, I had my light sensor blocked (used for blanking the screen when held to your face to avoid touch screen activation against your face while talking on the phone). watch how you hold your phone, the sensor is on the front screen at the top next to the charging light for the boost mobile Transform Ultra.

    Excellent forum

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