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Screen goes dark as soon as I press keysSupport

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  1. serena_b

    serena_b New Member

    Whenever I make a phone call in which I have to press numbers on the keypad after dialing it turns dark. I phone. The other side answers. They instruct me to push numbers on the keypad. I push a number. The screen flashes off then back on, but doesn't register that I pressed a number. Every time I try to enter a number it does it, so I can never enter a number. Any one else have this issue? What do I do about it? Thanks.:eek:

  2. mrjwen

    mrjwen Member

    Maybe it's a problem with the proximity sensor (top-right of the screen)? Do you have anything blocking it like a screen cover or case?
  3. serena_b

    serena_b New Member

    I don't now. I'll check next time I use it.
  4. wdw4mealso

    wdw4mealso New Member

    Mine does this too, and I called in about it. Tech support didn't know how to fix it. It is really annoying with voicemail. Sometimes when I call it from the notification bar, the backlight stays on. But any other call it doesn't. It does make it hard to enter in numbers.
  5. Jack12345

    Jack12345 New Member

    I think I may have a solution. I was having the same trouble. I discovered that I was putting my finger over the proximity sensor (top-right of the screen).

    Try not to touch top right of your phone while pressing key pad.

    Hope this helps.
  6. yehaww

    yehaww Active Member

    I was having the same problem. I found that when using my right index finger to hit number keys, my middle finger was raised up a bit and was interfering with the sensor. Being more careful with my finger placement stopped the problem. Honestly, I love the phone, but I'm finding more and more problems like this that make me scratch my head a bit that maybe some things weren't thought out too well.
  7. macman24

    macman24 Member


    I had the same problem except mine went dark while I was on the phone and made it difficult to hit a key if I needed to until I hit the power button to bring everything back. Very annoying. You can download an app called Caffeine which keeps your phone from going dark while on it. This program works perfectly and allows you to control when you want to put your phone in sleep mode.

    Hope this helps.


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