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  1. ♠Ace

    ♠Ace Member

    I just got my captivate a few weeks ago[3 to be exact]. I know the samsung galaxy s is suppose to have awesome screen. I'm not sure if it always been like this, but i recently noticed under bright screen (like browsing a site with white), i can kinda see the screen grain.
    It never occur to me as a problem/malfunction/w.e you call till today when I was recharging my phone for 1-2 hour, and touch the screen and noticed it was kinda hot. Now whats the connection you ask?
    Well I leave my phone plug before sleeping, and when I wake up. I noticed that there was like abit water/liquid on my screen, which I would wipe off. I thought it might have been my screen protector or the cold weather in Canada (winter).
    However now I think it might be something wrong with my Captivate's screen.

    Is this tiny grain normal? or is it suppose to look smooth and there is something wrong with my device?

  2. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Depending on your eyes, you may be able to perceive the pixels, yes. All depends on what you're comparing to.

    The "awesomeness" of the Samsung screen has more to do with it being SAMOLED technology, and not its DPI.
  3. ♠Ace

    ♠Ace Member

    The thing is the phone is really grainy.
    I don`t think it used to be like this.
    I compared to my friend`s iphone 4, and his screen is really clear compared mine.
    I really think that might be the cause of the problem. My friend said it might be cause i put it on my pocket and it pushed the screen
  4. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Well this is no surprise. The iPhone 4 has more pixels crammed into the same screen size. So the DPI is higher and any "grain" harder to perceive (Apple claims their "Retina" display is beyond the human eye's ability to distinguish individual pixels.

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