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  1. BobOnTampaBay

    BobOnTampaBay Member

    I'm new to my Coby MID 7015 tablet. When I try to scroll up or down it frequently responds as if I pressed enter. It happens regardless of whether I'm in a "settings" menu, trying to see what is below or above on the screen, or if I am in my "email inbox" trying to scroll down to view message titles. Invariably I wind up "clicking" on a menu item or on an email that I don't want.

    I know the answer is a lighter touch. I've tried that and it helps,... it's getting less bad... but doesn't reduce the problem enough. Ideally you could drag the side slide up and down, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

    Any suggestions?


  2. gratt26

    gratt26 Active Member

    Different tablet with a tempered glass screen.. your problem is the nature of this type of screen. Sorry. But try to enjoy the 800mhz do it right it will be nice!
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  3. BobOnTampaBay

    BobOnTampaBay Member

    After 3 months of use, my touch has become more refined, and the problem has become less critical.

    Setting up my files as ICONS rather than alpha listings helps. The stylus fits between the icons and avoids the problem.

  4. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    this is the difference in a resistive touch screen (Kyros) and capacitive touch screen (iPhone). if you keep it in your pocket at work playing music it starts doing all sorts of crazy things. one time i was playing a song and when i wanted to switch playlists i found my Facebook showing.
  5. geetechfever

    geetechfever Well-Known Member

    Besides the hardware itself such as resistive screen, configuration of system and applications are also effect a bit. We can still find a tablet has excellent response though it's been with resistive screen.
  6. Sue7M3

    Sue7M3 Well-Known Member

    Use the stylus. It seems to work a lot better than a finger.
  7. It's rare!!!
    I know that my Coby Kyros isn't multitouch due to the screen type, but in the game "Unique Rabbit" when I press the virtual arrow button + the virtual jump button (Without release the arrow button) I can run and jump at the same time. Why???

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