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Screen issues after 3.2.2 updateSupport

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  1. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I received delivery of a refurb shine plus from telus exchange today. I updated the refurb phone with the latest update. The updated version, kernal etc are the same as in my old phone which was updated last week. I also got the same problem with the crippled voice control. So the latest update is exactly the same as the one last week. Going to return the updated refurb phone. Telus is going to send another refurb. I think I will just stick with 2.1 in the next refurb phone until they sort out 2.3.x.

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  2. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    IDK whats on the one they are sending me but I hope it 2.1 and once this one comes back with 2.1 since its so hard to revert I'm never upgrade from LG-C710h V10d. V10d is gonna be my permanent version. Only reason I'm still going at this is the phone they are sending wont be here till next week and I'm not dealing with a week of battery pulls and frozen screens.
  3. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    You will probably end up with a 2.1, When I put in the request for a replacement phone, I asked them to send me 2.3 upgraded and tested phone. What I got was a 2.1. They told me that they are just a warehouse holding centre. They have no way to do any technical work on the phone to upgrade or test it before sending it to me. Based upon past experience, they will just keep sending you replacement (refurbed) phones until you are happy (or until your warranty runs out; I have one month left before my year is up).
  4. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Ok, sadly I don't seem to find what I need in there... Curses. Will have to borrow my girlfriend's phone again. :(
  5. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    That was FAST wow. Via Fed-Ex.
    2.6.29 lg-electronics@android3g5

    Original software but d version for US roaming. Awesome!!! Swapped the SIM and it called out. Since they basically gave me this loaner as a replacement to keep I don't know if I'm gonna bother sending in the 2.3.3. Plus I'm feeling lazy today.

    I can either:
    1 - Send it in and have two 2.1 phones
    2 - Try to copy THIS software and get it back on the 2.3.3 phone (Correct me if I'm wrong but you can't do any damage copying/taking things off the phone?? Damage can only be done OVERWRITING stuff?????)
    3 -Use the original that is on 2.3.3 to test any future upgrades for a few weeks before upgrading the the replacement phone.
    4 -Always keep the replacement on 2.1 and use it till 2.4? is released and then upgrade the phone that is now on 2.3.3. If next upgrade is good then the 2.1 replacment goes in a drawer and I use the original phone till the next bad update and when that happens I can just go back to my TRUSTED 2.1 V10d again and wait until the next good update for the original phone but that way I will ALWAYS have a phone on V10d for standby I can go back to for when things like this happen.
    5 -Continue playing around with the 2.3.3 as I am now. Kind of as a learning phone since I read somewhere LG doesn't care and shine plus users are pretty much the only ones left to care about the development of this phone. Which I guess relates to #2. If something happens well I still have a V10d phone.

    Bottom Line right now is I am back on V10d!!!!!!!!!!:D Gonna copy everything from My SD card and format and the only things to bring back are my music, music videos and pictures. Gonna redownload all my apps fresh and not bother with the App2SD stuff that way its all new files. Don't know if I should try to image the software before redoing everything and have a fresh basic copy or do it after everything is put back on so if I have to do this again I wont have to reinstall all my apps.

    *Havent even began anything yet and I just got a SMS text from Twitter. Don't know how that works since I haven't set up email or installad the Twitter app yet but I guess thats working lol.
  6. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    I honestly think you should keep 2.1 as it is if it works right for you... Using 2.3.3 as a learning phone is a great idea! You can really learn quickly how to mess around with Android when you KNOW you don't care if you brick it. ;) To be honest, I wouldn't hold my breath for any future updates except a fix version (Screen + Wifi issue)

    Be aware that upgrading to 2.3.3 dooms you currently to use 2.3.3 until we figure out how to rollback to 2.1 properly. So you're better off using the 2.1 phone as your main phone and mess around to learn on the 2.3.3 one...
  7. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    If I ever need something from the 2.1 phone, can I count on you to help supply it? We're currently working on making the phone go back and forth between 2.1 and 2.3.3 with custom recovery.
  8. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    Yeah pretty much think thats what I'm gonna do. Keep this one on 2.1 and whatever w/ the old one. Taking your word that the 2.1 files in this forum are in fact 2.1 so I do have the right files to use, I'm just doing something wrong.
    Which means no need to root, flash, image or anything like that to the replacement. In fact I see no need for the LG mobile update software to even ever come in contact with this 2.1 phone.
  9. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    With step by step instructions I think I could more than likely help with that.
  10. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    Id say this looks pretty damn good for a fresh start. 00002 being my phonebook backup. First thing I installed was the Tiny flashlight app that I mentioned before that stopped working even though it worked after the upgrade. Its is now working again so that means it was one of the apps I put on after that that killed it. Will try the flashlight after trying reinstalling each app one by one till it stops working again. Remove the suspect app and hope the flashlight still works. Then I know which one killed it.

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  11. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Of course! I always supply very thourough how-to's. ;) haha

    By the way, my girlfriend got the screen "freeze" issue this morning. Although I don't consider it a screen freeze, because the screen responds, the button responds. It seems like it has to do with brightness settings. I'll see what I can find when I decompile the framework.

    If it happens again, please try this and report:

    While screen is black, hold power button like you'd shut off the phone. Does it vibrate? After doing so, if you hit the back button, does it respond to your touch?

    If one or both answers are yes, please report here!
  12. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I just got another replacement phone. What a pain. This one has an off-center slider and is version 2.1 V10C so it will have roaming issue with no way to update to v10D. Voice control and bluetooth works, but GPS is crap again. I am going to call customer service and see if they will give me a free "loaner" like blackberrysux. Are you sure you don't have to return one of the two phones. (FYI I have had the same Telus account for 19 years!)
  13. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to get a system dump from this phone before you return it? It'd be interesting to dissect what's changed.
  14. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    How do you do a system dump? Can it be done safely and painlessly? Unlike Blackberrysux, Telus told me that a loaner is only a temporary phone; I cannot keep both phones. I have to return one to Telus within 14 days otherwise they will charge me $150.

    Why would you want 2.1 v10c? This version is from last year and has a roaming issue.
  15. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Well, mostly I'm trying to compare the differences between LG's software and stock android in order to figure out what changes they've made in order to make their phone work. The more versions I have to compare side-by-side, the better the chances are that I find those changes that are absolutely required.

    It's not really that important, so if you're not comfortable with hacking up your phone, that's cool.

    What you'd need to do is a nandroid backup. The easiest way to do this is to install a custom recovery partition using the instructions here: http://androidforums.com/getitnowmarketing/330813-all-one-recovery-thread.html

    Once recovery is install, choose nandroid backup. This will create a folder on the SD card called nandroid. I'm hoping for a copy of the system.img file hiding in there.

    Like I said, don't do it if you aren't comfortable with it. It's just that I have v10d and v20a files now, but no v10c files for comparison.

  16. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    @karendar OK so where this stands now is I got the 2.1 phone working back the way I liked on the orignal phone however the flashlight app I mention is working fine now. Cant find any way to kill it so the replacement phone is working great. Decided to do the same thing to the 2.3.3 but the light I had in the 2.1 never worked in the 2.3.3 though it did before but another light app I found that I like works in 2.3.3 but not 2.1 when they BOTH worked in each phone before. Strange. Now I basically have 2 of the same phones and same everything with the exception that the 2.3.3 has all my superuser, rooting stuff and logcat type programs so a few more apps and memory being used in the 2.3.3 After doing ANOTHER factory reset again in the 2.3.3 it seems to be behaving well. Currenly waiting for the screen blackout issue to happen again. However in setting up the menus I have noticed another issue with 2.3.3 ------> Menu - settings - Language & Keyboard - LG IME - Vibrate on keypress -> is non functional regardless if its checked or unchecked. Trying to turn it OFF. Thats the only problem I see so far on THIS install while waiting for the screen to blackout again.

    *Noticed this about 5 minutes after posting this but 2.3.3 is now making some clicking sound effect when power/end is pressed to lock the phone as well as drag slider to unlock. ALMOST as if the sound effect is a camera shutter AT THE SAME TIME as the vibrate on keypress is non fucntional.
    **Found an option for disable sounds on lock screen but Vibrate on keypress still misbehaving.
    *** Vibrate on Keypress was actually Haptic feedback -> Problem solved. Don't know why that would be under sounds and not keyboard settings but I found it.
    ****12:14pm still waiting for screen to freeze/blackout on 2.3.3 phone. Its unplugged. Light apps in both phones still working.

    @funpig Re:Loaner phone - I confirmed with them they are both mine. This issue I have been having dates back to oct.12 when I went to NYC and I called telus to do the $20 voice $10 data thing and when I got there my phone didnt work. Called them from NYC and they had to open a higher up ticket and also told me they failed to tell me to make sure I had V10d or It wouldnt work even though the topic of discussion was putting the voice/data addons before I left. Tried updatating from the hotel lobby but lost wifi mid update but still manged to get it to v10d eventually but had to call them multiple time a day from on the 800 # from the hotel landline in NYC and they had to "reset switches and stuff from their end" even though I was on V10d at that point. Got home and did the update again because of the wifi loss at the hotel. Only isntead of getting a fresh V10d I got stuck with 3.2.2 instead and had nothing but problems with it. Think they just gave it to shut me up/stop me from calling or something the day Telus told me to call LG and LG kept telling me to call telus for 3.5 hours or something. I will say I wan't in a very good mood getting bounced back and forth like that and they could tell.
  17. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    Other than what I mentioned in the GPS thread earlier still no go on the screen freeze/blackout issue happening again.
  18. BlackberrySux

    BlackberrySux Well-Known Member

    5:47am SCREEN FREEZE after taking the phone off the charger. Green light is on solid,heard the phone make a beep, and if I touch where the slide to unlock area is the phone will vibrate.

    *Just pulled the battery and the camera flash made a quick flash.
  19. lakecra

    lakecra Member

    Did anyone resolve the blackscreen/blackout issue after updated to V2.3.3 so far?

    I don't bother the flash light problem. please just want my cel works proper as before !!!

    Thank you!
  20. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    It's possibly related to auto backlight being broken. Have any of you filed reports with LG?

    I'd also eliminate any battery saving application you have, as they don't always help. They may dim the screen with their own software and cause the backlight to turn off and not turn back on.

    Here's another something I'd like everyone to try. If the screen is black (As in you turn it on and notice the screen doesn't turn on), grab a flashlight (An actual flashlight :p Not an app.. haha) and shine the light close to your screen... Do you see anything on your display? If so, It's completely related to backlight and might be solved with a framework modification. If screen is pitch black and you can't make out any graphics on the display, it might be a video driver issue which becomes more complicated to fix.
  21. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Karender, I have noticed that my blackscreen issue is related to my wifi.

    Everyonce in a while, my wifi signal indicator goes from green to white and I am unable to use my browser. When I go to wifi settings, there will be no networks available (I can usually pick up about 6 in my neighbourhood, including my home wifi's). If I switich the wifi off and then on, the wifi will say "error" and will not switch on or off. Then when I go to phone standby, I will get the blackscreen and cannot do a full power on or off. The only way to turn the phone back on is to do the battery pull.

    I hope this helps.
  22. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Here's a question, do most of you have data plans? Because switching between wifi and data might cause the issue too.
  23. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I do not have a data plan; I am strictly a wifi user. Telus has blocked data plan at my request and I always have the mobile network turned off just in case.
  24. rfvyhn

    rfvyhn Member

    I always have data turned off as well.
    What I have noticed for mine though is that if I have my "Wi-Fi sleep policy" set to "never", meaning that my wi-fi is always on, then I am pretty much guaranteed that if I wait a little while after my screen turns off then try to push a button to turn it back on it will freeze (become totally unresponsive) with the screen off and the buttons lit up forcing me to do a battery pull.
    However, if "Wi-Fi sleep policy" is set to "When screen turns off" meaning that I lose wi-fi whenever the screen is off then so far I have not had any issue with the screen off issue. This is not acceptable though, since with wifi off I am not able to get notified when email is pushed to me from Exchange.
    Also, I haven't confirmed yet but it doesn't seem to happen when I have the phone plugged in even when wifi is set to never sleep.

    Can others verify if this behaviour holds true for their phones as well? It might help someone pinpoint the exact cause or find an acceptable workaround until there is a fix.
  25. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    rfvynn. What's the point of putting Wifi never sleep? Ever since the update, there is no LED notification so even if an email is pushed to your phone there is no way to know.

    I have no way of verifying it but my Yahoo mail seems to push the mail to my phone even when the wifi is put to sleep with the screen off. Many times, as soon as I turn on the phone, I see the notification of Yahoo mail waiting for me even before the wifi status icon connects with the wifi. This leads me to believe that Yahoo somehow causes my wifi to come on, push the mail and then go back to sleep again while the screen is off. And I seem to recall that back in the good ol' days with 2.1, my phone would give a tone and a purple LED would come on when it received Yahoo email while the phone screen was off.

    I just received another refurb phone from Telus Best Buy Exchange. This one also has a small gap in the slider. But, if everything works in 2.1, I just may keep this one because I getting kind of tired of wasting my time with this phone. I have been checking out craigslist. I may pick up a used LG Optimus One for about $50 to $100 as a substitute. My son has a Koodo one running stock 2.2 and it seems to work well. My telus sim card works in the Koodo phone, but not the other way around.

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