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Screen keeps locking while in using it?General

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  1. NiceGuyJon

    NiceGuyJon Member

    Hey all, just picked up a brand new Ultra and I'm loving it... coming off a Razr HD so almost no learning curve, and it's everything I loved about my Razr only better everything :)

    The only weird issue is that every once in a while I'll be scrolling through an app or something and it will just lock right in my hand. I figure it's some auto lock feature for if it's in your pocket or something, the only problem is that I can't recreate it, and I can't find a setting for it.

    Can someone provide some wisdom to this perplexed but otherwise happy Ultra owner? Thanks!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    My philosophy is if it's under warranty, have it replaced. It's of only passing interest why it happens, and in your case - inability to reproduce the problem - it would probably take much to long to find the cause to justify satisfaction of curiosity.
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    This happens because there is a proximity sensor in the upper left of the phone, to the left of the earpiece. If you hover your hand or your finger or whatever an inch or even two above this, it will detect that you have put the phone in your pocket and shut off the display.

    One easy solution? Install a third-party launcher, like Nova Launcher. This only happens with the stock launcher. The only possible drawback is that, if you like the Droid Command Center "Circles" widget, that only works with the stock launcher.
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  4. NiceGuyJon

    NiceGuyJon Member

    Okay I figured it was something like that! I actually don't mind it and I even see that as a useful feature, I just wanted to make sure it was something that was supposed to happen. Thanks again!

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