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  1. rocksteady06

    rocksteady06 New Member

    Anyone have this problem where when they are on a call the screen locks and you can't hang up the call until you unlock the screen or the other end hangs up? Is there a setting to not lock the screen when on a call. This is driving me nuts to always have to unlock the screen just to get to hangup the phone. From what I can tell I think it happens only when I make the call. But if a call comes in when the screen is locked it allows me to hang up after the call. I check most of the settings and i don't see any options for that...


  2. Batt1719

    Batt1719 Well-Known Member had a recent article regarding a leaked document showing a whole bunch of issues with the Fascinate that Verizon is aware of. The phone lock during calls was one of these issues. Hopefully Verizon ans Samsung will address these issues with future updates.
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  3. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forum...I must say very annoying indeed, never saw another do it except the Fascinate. Might be something addressed in an update I would up.
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  4. rocksteady06

    rocksteady06 New Member

    Thanks, I will check it out article. VZ updated the phone last night but I have not made a call yet to check if that was fixed.
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    More of a Support and Troubleshooting matter than general Fascinate talk, rocksteady, so I moved the thread for you to that area. ;)
  6. rogerbad

    rogerbad New Member

    I see the same problem. During a phone call the screen goes blank and also the screen buttons (end call and dial pad) go inactive. This is an intermittent problem.

    I frequently need to check an answering machine on a line line phone so this is really an irritant.


    My DUMB. At times had my finger blocking the sensor that turns the screen off. The phone works great. Have some minor problems with the GPS but so does my Garmin unit. Everything else is outstanding and I love the super amoled screen.
  7. Jacki1008

    Jacki1008 Well-Known Member

    Actually, I have been having this problem since the update. Prior to that, whenever I would pull the phone away from my face at the end of a call, the screen would be available and I could press "end." But now, when I pull the phone away, the screen is black and I have to press the power button to get to the unlock screen.
  8. SF49ers

    SF49ers Active Member

    I have this issue too. Sigh. Hope they fix this soon...
  9. grin0048

    grin0048 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed this issue too and from what I remember (could be wrong), it only happens when I receive a call when the phone is locked. I'd be interested to know whether all the people experiencing this are using an unlock pattern or if it happens regardless.
  10. Jacki1008

    Jacki1008 Well-Known Member

    I am not using an unlock pattern. Just the regular ole lock screen.
  11. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    It just happened to me today, twice. Funny tho'... I've had this one since the 19th and hasn't happened once before today.
  12. Mushynski

    Mushynski New Member

    My issue is the phone locking and dropping the call. Is this what you're all experiencing as well?
  13. Jacki1008

    Jacki1008 Well-Known Member

    My call is not dropping. It is just that when I pull the phone away from my ear the screen stays black rather than it returning to the call screen where I can press "end." To get to it, I have to press the power button to wake the screen up.
  14. smahdavi

    smahdavi New Member

    My Evo intermittently won't hang up calls and a screen pops up and says Force close or wait. I just feel that I might have too much running at the same time but that's really not the case. Any thoughts???
  15. smahdavi

    smahdavi New Member

    My Evo intermittently won't hang up calls and a screen pops up and says Force close or wait. I just feel that I might have too much running at the same time but that's really not the case. Any thoughts???
  16. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    OK, it just happened about 30 minutes ago but this time I know for sure my screen wasn't on lock when I answered an incoming. I set it to timeout after 10 minutes and got a call while the screen was already awake and the screen locked during the call.

    For me it's an annoyance but a minor one and I can overlook it if I know it's going to be fixed sooner or later.

    btw, just converted an iPhone 3g user to the SF while on lunch. :)
  17. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Nice, how'd you do that? Showed them the gorgeous screen? Oh wait you already said it

    You received a phone call :p
  18. Jacki1008

    Jacki1008 Well-Known Member

    It will only get fixed if Samsung and Verizon hear about it from enough people. Have to call their techs and escalate it up their system so it gets attention.

    edited to add: this problem is inconsistent. happens sometimes, doesn't other time. I can see no pattern, rhyme or reason for when it happens.
  19. glroze

    glroze Well-Known Member

    lol, wtf? i just got my replacement fascinate yesterday, make a call, and the freakin' lock screen comes on...then, when i finally get it unlocked, the screen goes black and i have to hit the power button to turn it back on....omg, what did they do to this phone?
    this does NOT happen on my samsung vibrant, so i have to guess it is an exclusive verizon 'feature', lol.....thanks big red!!
  20. suzlyn

    suzlyn Well-Known Member

    Same thing has happened to me a few times also. Some of these things are really getting on my nerves and I just got this phone a few days ago coming off the DInc.
  21. glroze

    glroze Well-Known Member

    lol, don't know why i'm laughing because it's not funny at all, but at this point........i suppose it's better to laugh than throw the phone across the room!!!! ;)

    i still have a few weeks to decide whether or not i keep this much to like.
  22. namlee78

    namlee78 Well-Known Member

    Hello Galaxy Lovers!

    I solved the problem that screen goes black even if your phone is away from your chin and I'm sure it will also help you to get rid of unlock during calls.

    In my case, one of my apps called System Pannel was killing important service. It is called

    This was causing the problems. Of course, I tested more than 50 times by killing this service and make phone calls. In this situation, my solution was put this service on exclude mode and it works.


    I know there's thousands apps for managing active apps and services .(Task killers, Advanced task killers...etc).
    Please make sure your utility apps doesn't kill

    Here's how you do.

    1. You have to battery pull. Turn off your phone, Take your battery out, Put it back and turn your phone on.
    2. Go to your apps that kills inactive apps and find make it this in your exclude lists.
    3. Turn off your phone and turn it on
    4. Test it. (I called 611 because i don't get charged:))

    **** I know it works because, my 4 Friends who has Fascinate tried and got their Fascinate working and they are happy. Please if this solution helps you, reply on this thread so that we can help other people*******

    Good Luck guys.

    Personally, I do not recommend using ATK. Sometimes, it will kill so much apps that phone needs it. You can managed this with system panel apps that I'm using. It is better, because you can manually kills your app when you feel like your phone is slowing down. Also, Smart phone is different than iphone. you have to manage this phone continuously.

    I use System Pannel lite to kill apps like Active apps, Background Apps and Inactive Apps with one touch key. Of course, few apps or service, you have to move it to your exclude list so it won't get killed.

    I also use apps called Memory booster once a day and quick app clean cache once a day. Then finish with HistoryEraser once a day.

    If you would like to feel little bit faster, download Spar Parts and Change your Window animations and Transition Animations Normal to FAST. It will help too.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you guys.
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  23. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Great Post. Nice research.
    Allow me to concur with the dont use ATK message, perhaps thats why I never had this problem. SystemPanel is also a great app
    Very well done!
  24. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    Happened to me today. While on a call, with the phone on the other end still ringing, I pulled the phone away from my face. The dialer screen came up with the end call button but the button was unresponsive. All the buttons were unresponsive. There was no lockscreen recovery evident, all the softkeys were nonresponsive as well. Finally held down the power button and was able to power off. I don't know if it was lockscreen caused or not, but it is the only time it has happened that way.
  25. namlee78

    namlee78 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply and thank you for understanding my poor English.:)
    I hope this can help other people.

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