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  1. Jamesq

    Jamesq New Member

    This is kinda driving me nuts. When I press the power button to lock the screen there is now a few seconds delay before the backlight cuts off. So I end up staring at the phone when it should have already been in my pocket. I know it's related to ICS, but it hasn't been consistent. Sometimes it cuts off as soon as I press the button; most of the time, not. The screen is locked before the light goes out, but why would you not want to know instantly that the command registered? Obviously I'm done looking at the phone once I press the button.

  2. Shockey62

    Shockey62 Member

    Same thing has been happening ever since ICS. I also noticed that my "back/return button" sometimes doesn't work and I have to exit something through the home button. That could be my device though.
  3. Jamesq

    Jamesq New Member

    I guess I should have also asked in the original post if everyone else was experiencing the same thing... It is bothersome how buggy the Android platform seems to be. I hope someone is working on patches instead of just new versions. New features are great, but if the one I have now worked all the time, I'd be perfectly happy.
  4. Jamesq

    Jamesq New Member

    It appears to be caused by having the brightness on the lowest setting on the powersaver widget and automatic brightness checked in the display settings.

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