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screen lock not working, no silent mode etc.Support

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  1. buddha

    buddha New Member


    My Htc magic has started playing up.

    Firstly, the screen has stopped locking. When i press the end call button the phone sleeps but the screen doesnt lock.

    I do have the 'require pattern' etc selected in the settigs, so it should work.

    it used to work, can anyone tell me how to get it back?

    spare parts doesnt work.

    Also, When i press and hold the end call button, the only option that appears is 'power off'. It used to say flight mode and silent mode too.

    Finally it appears that my phone will not receive calls. texts and outgoings fine, but no calls

    any help really would help, and i would like to avoid doing a hard reset. thanks!

    I should also probably add the phone info:

    1.6 firmware
    62,50s.20.17u_2.22.19.26i baseband
    2.6.29-00479-g3c7df37 android-build@apa26 #19 kernel
    build no. DRC92

  2. dryule

    dryule New Member


    I had the same problem and took it back to the shop for repair, they sent it off and I got a new one back a week later because they couldn't fix due to "timescales". I think its the 1.6 firmware as I have gone back to 1.5.
  3. antoncohen

    antoncohen New Member

    I am having the exact same symptoms on with a Motorola Droid.

    Did you find a solution to this?

    * Various settings got reset.
    * The power button only shows "Power off", not Airplane Mode.
    * I can't receive incoming calls.
    * The phone won't lock, even though I have a pattern set.
    * The Home button doesn't take me home.

    Firmware: 2.01
    Baseband: C_01.3E.01P
    Kernel: 2.6.29-omap1-g0dd7e0b android-build@apa26 #511
    Build Number: ESD56

  4. nathanleej

    nathanleej New Member

    same here just started happening ,i rely on my phone for work but now i cant receive calls and to make one i have to go to the dialer through the main menu , realy sucks
  5. phorid

    phorid New Member

    After some updates, I experienced all of the above problems. Did anyone find a solution besides taking the phone back to the store for repair?

    Again as with the others, the symptoms are:

    * The power button only shows "Power off," not Airplane Mode.
    * No incoming calls.
    * The phone won't lock.
    * The Home button doesn't work.

    One of these problems would be annoying. The combination of all of them is absolutely maddening. Thanks in advance.
  6. BlackShift

    BlackShift New Member

    Got exactly the same symptoms:

    • Screen doesn't lock, just 'fades', with end-call button
    • cannot receive calls
    • home and start-call buttons don't work
    • several system settings reset, in particular ringtone

    • Using cyanogenmod 6.1.0 stable (android 2.2.1)
    • Solved it with a factory reset
    Thoughts about what might have caused this:

    • Some date related issue? No activity for a year in this thread, and suddenly 2 new occurrences in a week. Could be that my problems started before 31th of May as well, not sure.
    • I recently changed my ringtone to an mp3 that was stored on my SD card.
    • Got affected by the feared android sms bug two weeks ago, never before. (Sms's go to apparently random contacts.)
    • Phone occasionally reboots spontaneously, although this hasn't happened since previous factory reset a couple of weeks ago.
    Links, seems to be a known bug with some workarounds:

  7. hashbrowngirl

    hashbrowngirl New Member

    I have the same problem. Only mine is a player, not a phone. It happened to me thrice in 2 days. I hope someone could help us. :(

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