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  1. RazrChick

    RazrChick New Member

    Just got a DROID RAZR MAXX today (upgraded from the original DROID A855 which I had for 3 years!). I set the screen lock with a PIN, but when the phone goes into sleep mode or the display timeout takes affect and I reactivate it, it just slides to open and never prompts for the PIN. I tried toggling it off and then back on (the screen lock feature), and I even tried a pattern and password. Still not working. What am I missing? It always worked perfectly on my other DROID. I've gone through the User Guide many times and did multiple Google searches but can't find anyone having this same issue. I just don't understand what I could be doing wrong? Thanx in advance!

    Edited to add: I just powered the phone off (for the first time!) and when I powered it back on and slid to open, it prompted for the PIN. Is that the only way it works? I cannot set it so the PIN has to be entered upon it returning from screen timeout? How do I keep others from accessing my phone??

  2. DawnGP143

    DawnGP143 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes when you make a change to settings, you need to reboot the phone to make the settings START....but won't have to do it every time you use that feature.
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  3. RazrChick

    RazrChick New Member

    Thank you! That was it alright! Wish they would say that somewhere in the User Manual !! Thanx again!!


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