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  1. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    I've tried the pattern matching screen lock, but find it a bit cumbersome at times. I know you can use a pin or password. Does anyone know if there are other options? Is it possible to do something like speak a word or phrase to unlock it?

  2. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    Besides the few stock options that come with.your droid, you can downloads apps to enhance it. Makes it so you can put widgets, and shortcuts on the lock screen anf personalize how you unlock it.
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  3. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    Will take a look at the apps.
  4. krantiredeyes

    krantiredeyes New Member

    In the market, 'widgetlocker' is a paid app but I found it free on the web...its just fantastic.It has so many features and everything is customizable...Great app ! But I think it consumes the battery a little more than default lock screen which is quite obvious.
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  5. strodda

    strodda Well-Known Member

    Widgetlocker is awesome and it doesn't use the battery to any noticeable degree. Ill take a screenshot of what mine looks like right now.


    I have a "slide to" unlock, mute, text, call, music, camera.
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  6. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    It might just be me, but I'm a little confused. Widgetlocker does look nice, but unless I'm just not seeing it this isn't really locking the screen to prevent access, is it? strodda, when you swipe to unlock it does it ask for a password or something?

    At the time I asked about a screen lock I had set mine to use pattern matching in order to gain access, as opposed to using a pin or password. While it works I thought it was a bit cumbersome at times to swipe the pattern in order to unlock the phone. What I was hoping, and looking for, was an alternative to locking the phone in that method, like speaking a password or phrase, so that it could be done virtually hands free. Thanks.
  7. BadFishCM

    BadFishCM Well-Known Member

    I took a look over the android market and a bunch of other random sites to buy droid apps, and so far no luck. You can get apps to personilize the screen but I havent been able to find one which would make it unlock to a spoken password. good luck finding one!
  8. Egidio

    Egidio Well-Known Member

    Speaking a password would be awesome as a way to unlock the screen. I'd like to find an app for that.
  9. strodda

    strodda Well-Known Member

    sorry, no, it doesnt have a "locked" lockscreen. although i have never used a password ever anyways, on any of my phones. i have nothing to hide from my wife, and my daughter knows better than to touch daddy's phone. that and i dont have any info important enough for anyone to want.
  10. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    I understand strodda, my phone doesn't contain anything sensitive either. I realize that the primary reason for locking it is to prevent accidental access to something on the phone. I figured, if I've got to swipe it anyway, why not make it a little more complicated so it really is locked. I can always go back if it becomes a problem. Anyway, I thought the voice activated unlock would be nice.
  11. robbo84

    robbo84 New Member

    Been looking into this and it looks like it's likely to be coming soon from Blue Planet Apps, who are currently developing an app called BioLock.

    They say it will provide facial and iris-recognition for front-facing cameras, as well as voice recognition.

    From what I've read, voice recognition is likely to require a data plan as processing voice data on the phone is heavy on resources, so it will require connection to a remote server to verify the voice file, a process they say will require less than two seconds (longer than I'd like, but better by far than a lock code which takes at least 3 or 4 seconds, plus any of those damned incorrect inputs!).

    Lol, I may even be tempted to purchase my first app, despite four years of smartphone ownership! :p
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  12. somanyapps

    somanyapps Well-Known Member

    I'll have to take a look at BioLock. I'm curious what happens when you can't access the server to unlock?

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