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  1. d_rohr

    d_rohr Member

    I had to reboot my phone this morning and now, all of sudden, my phone has permanent lock screen sounds. The option is off in the Sounds menu but I still get the sounds everytime I lock and unlock my phone. Maybe I overlooked the forum but I couldn't find anything in regards to this. I want to avoid a factory reset but I think it will be something I will have to explore.

    Anyone experienced this before?

  2. Ez Duzit

    Ez Duzit Active Member

    Go into settings and try checking the box to enable Screen lock sounds, and after exiting the settings menu, lock the phone and verify it still makes a sound when you unlock it.
    Now go back into Sound settings and this time un-check the box for Screen lock sounds. Use the back button to get back to the main screen, then lock the phone and see if it still makes a sound when you unlock it. Hopefully no more sound.
    This often works for a menu setting that didn't take effect the first time around.
  3. d_rohr

    d_rohr Member

    I appreciate it, Ez Duzit. I did that as well as a few other things with no luck. I had to reset my phone. This caused some system issues so I had to take it to Sprint to have a hard reset done being that I don't have the button sequence or codes in my possession or brain. All is well now. I hope it doesn't sprout again though.
  4. victag

    victag New Member

    I have had this issue with my phone since I got it and it is a real pain when you are somewhere where you need to keep quiet. Also annoying how it interrupts a song playing.

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