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  1. jrawle

    jrawle Member

    I have noticed that my X10 mini pro makes a quiet buzzing or clicking noise whenever anything on the screen is updating. This is some sort of electronic noise, and it isn't a sound effect that's switched on.

    For example, if I scroll a menu, list or web page, I hear it while the image is scrolling. If I press the home button, I hear the sound while the screen is changing. If I start the camera, I hear a continuous clicking while the live view is active. And if I use the stopwatch, I hear a clicking noise.

    I wondered whether others could check to see if their phone does the same. Note that it is rather a quiet sound. You need to be in a quiet place and possibly to hold the phone closer to your ear (depending on your hearing) in order to hear the noise.

    To test this, I suggest going somewhere quiet, then starting the camera and holding the screen to your ear.

    If this is simply a "feature" of the phones, I can live with it, but if it's a fault, then obviously I'd like a replacement. However, I need someone with a similar phone to confirm it one way or the other, as trying to ask anyone at Sony Ericsson is useless!

  2. psommerfeld

    psommerfeld Active Member

    It's obvious the aliens are trying to communicate with you! If this concerns you, the first order of business is to don a tinfoil hat!
  3. jrawle

    jrawle Member

    This wasn't intended to be a joke post. I need to know if the phone is faulty so that I can return it for an exchange.

    This post has been viewed by 60 people now, many of whom presumably own one of these phones. Please could someone spare a few seconds to try it out? I've been to a store today but they only have phones running 1.6 on display.
  4. psommerfeld

    psommerfeld Active Member

    Ya sorry about that. I realize it's a legitimate problem you're having. Maybe you can try your experiment out on some X10's at the store? (I guess stores aren't too quiet).
  5. jrawle

    jrawle Member

    I guess most of the readers here don't own the phone themselves.

    I've been advised to try a factory reset of the phone, which should be accessed through the SD card & phone storage menu. However, this menu does not contain a factory reset option on my phone (it has SD card: Total, Available, Unmount, Format; then Internal phone storage: Available space. No reset option at all).

    Is the reset option supposed to be here in Android 2.1, or has it been moved somewhere else?
  6. Lizardroid

    Lizardroid Active Member

    Mine doesn't make any humming noise. I suggest you do an exchange at the store just to put your mind at ease.
  7. ison_machine

    ison_machine Well-Known Member


    this my opinion, I maybe wrong. This sound could be your audible touch tones and audible selection on the settings menu. the vibration or buzzing could be the haptic feedback on the settings also.

    to find this goto Settings>Sound and display setting> Audible touch tones
    then untick it. Audible selection and haptic feedback try to untick also.

    this might help.

    otherwise, try to repair the software via SEUS.

    if still does not work for you. then you can try sending it back to the vendor...
  8. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    Actually, you're not the only one with that problem...
    Although, I've noticed that mine is buzzing only when I have live wallpaper as a wallpaper. If I put a static picture, or run any application, there is no buzzing. Weird.
  9. Alex1988

    Alex1988 New Member

    I also have this problem but in addition to the screen buzzing my loudspeaker also made a weird noise when upping the volume. I sent my phone into service. Don't know if the buzz appeared after 2.1 update or was there before but that's when I noticed. Will let you know if the problem was solved and the cause.
  10. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    I just hope that it's some sort of software glitch, which doesn't have any negative effects on phone.
    Anyhow, looking forward to your update.
  11. Alex1988

    Alex1988 New Member

    Got the phone back today and the service imbeciles stamped my warranty paper with "Unconfirmed Defect". Screen is still buzzing and all they did was resoftware the device. This really got on my nerves. The next logical step would be to go to another service, one that isn't Vodafone or SE approved, see what they have to say.
  12. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    Can't say I'm surprised... -.-
    What about contanting SE, and linking them this topic?
    Although, I doubt that we'll get any (useful) reply, but I think it's worth giving it a shot...
  13. GrkFrk1234

    GrkFrk1234 New Member

    Hey I just got this phone last week and I noticed I have a buzzing. It is coming from the top part of the phone (the screen part) being off it's axis and buzzes when in calls.. When I push the bottom part of the screen a LITTLE bit, it goes to normal.. Also, it wobbles when off its axis.. It seems to be a problem with the physical phone... I dont think I have a warranty. Anybody help?
  14. gamers.wc

    gamers.wc Member

    I have this problem also
    I didn't get any sounds before I updated phone to Android 2.1
    I don't think you should worry about it

    sorry for my bad english
  15. jrawle

    jrawle Member

    I wish I'd received these replies a bit quicker. I returned the phone to the retailer for a replacement (that's why I had to act quickly and couldn't hang around). Sure enough, the new unit has exactly the same issue.

    But to be honest, I can live with the noise if it's a feature of the phone. What I didn't want was for my particular phone to have a fault that wasn't generally present in this model.

    The sliding mechanism on the new phone seems a little looser, though, and there is a slight clicking noise when I touch the screen. Also, the keyboard makes a slight clicking noise (or "sticky" noise) when you touch it (not even press the keys - I'm not talking about the normal key noise). On the other hand, the back cover on the new phone fits much more tightly and doesn't make the squeaky noise I noticed with the first one.

    I couldn't face another exchange, so I'm going to have to live with this phone. Oh I really hate modern gadgets and their quality control issues.
  16. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    Maybe that clicking noise will go away after some time...

    And about the modern gadget thing, they're mostly made in China, so... it's kind of normal for them to be more or less faulty... -.-

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