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    Jan 29, 2014
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    Hi, i have a z1, and in general, i'm very happy with it. But i have a friend with a galaxy note 2, which my screen should easly be able to beat, but he can change his "screen mode" to dynamic, and all of a sudden, he gets way better colors. So i'm wondering, is this possible to do on the z1? This clearly is an os thing that should be possible, and if it doesn't have this built in, is there an app that changes this? I have a rooted device.
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    This is actually a function of the display technology used in each device. Your friend's Note 2 uses an AMOLED display, rather than the Sony's IPS LCD. One of the features often touted for AMOLED is "more saturated colour" but as a photographer I can assure you that the effect is artificial, which is why Samsung felt the need to include a "professional photography" mode in the S4/Note 3 which is much more realistic. Using it's "natural" mode the Note's display will look washed out and bland compared to the Sony. ;)
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