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  1. nonverbalh

    nonverbalh New Member


    Ill just start from the beginning...

    My girlfriend droped her HTC wildfire S and digitizer and LCD were broken.
    Since local repair shop asked 100EUR to repair it, I decided to buy the parts
    myself and give it a try (since there are alot of tutorials).
    I managed to replace digitizer and lcd. I was able to start the phone, but the
    touch screen didnt respond ...

    I tried to find solution, but nothing really worked. I thought that maybe i could reset the phone to factory settings and that would fix the digitizer problem.
    Unfortunately it didnt and I tried recovery option from that menu (that you bring up if you hold volume and that other smaller button at same time) and that just brought up some kind of picture with phone and exclamation mark. I waited for a while and nothing happened so i turned the phone off..

    When I turned the phone back on, the screen was black (but there was vibration and sound, so I assume that it was able to start) and there was only light from the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
    I searched everywhere for solutions, but it seems that most of them require me to have USB debugging on but I have no idea how to do this if i can't see anything and the digitizer is probably still not responding..

    Long story short, I'm really confused and have no clue what to do next, if you need any further information, please ask!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello nonverbalh and welcome to Android Forums. Man I'm no tech but being as you just replaced the digitizer.. and it doesn't work... I'd be tempted to take a second look at that repair. I hope it's an easy fix for you. I wish I had something brilliant to help you. Good luck and thanks for joining and using these forums.
  3. nonverbalh

    nonverbalh New Member

    I already checked if I missed something, but everything is connected just the way it should and done very carefully. I've seen on forums that many people have repaired their digitizer and it didn't work at first, but started working after some kind of reset. Right now im just really confused, why did my lcd completely shut down... if theres anyone with more ideas, im still waiting for them.
  4. nonverbalh

    nonverbalh New Member

    Im still waiting, no luck with answers so far : /

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