Screen notification beacon idea

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  1. Vin Cecil

    Vin Cecil Active Member

    I have been looking and cannot find anything like this that uses the screen and not the flash for a little beacon.

    More so i want like just a little strip to dimly flash on the top if the screen when i get sms or whAtever.

    Just thought id share, but i don't know if its possible to only make part of the screen light up

  2. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    I think it is... I think you can choose how much of the screen the app takes.
  3. Nexus5

    Nexus5 Active Member

    Hmm.. like the 'home' button on a Nokia?

    I do miss that thin white bar.

    The trick here would be to poll the message status areas, and then display the 'thin white line' without taking the phone out of low-power standby for very long.

    Anything else would be a sure-fire battery eater. Tricky, but possible. :)

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