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Screen On (Shake or Motion Activated) for Galaxy S2

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  1. RegData6654714

    RegData6654714 New Member

    I've been searching the web for days for an application where you can turn on the phone screen without using the power button. It's motion activated. Because everytime I have to press the power button and I'm sure someday it will stop working.

    options to turn screen on.
    1. Shake the phone
    2. Touch screen to turn on the screen stead of pressing the power button (useful when you need to listen to music without having to touch the power button all the time)

    Please dev, make this app. I'll buy!

  2. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

    Won't it be a hit on your battery? Imagine you tuck your Android phone into a bag and then as you walk the phone move around and viola screen is turned on. Likewise for touch screen while inside your bag it get "tapped" with other stuff inside your bag and viola screen is turned on again.
  3. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    The power button is not going to break because you push it too much, unless you're also grabbing it and trying to pull it off. I use my power button (Samsung Charge) at least 50 times per day, and it's still looking fine. The power button is designed to be the most used part of the phone.
  4. MadViper

    MadViper New Member

    I actually like this idea. I'm going to look into it and see what I can do.
  5. oufc1976

    oufc1976 Member

    Just got a Galaxy S3 and looking for this exact app.

    Does it exist now?
  6. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

    I pretty much have this app done. It turns on by phone shake. I did not implement on screen touch because as far as I know, it is impossible because the phone cannot receive a touch if it is off. The only way that could happen is if I made it not really go to sleep at all, but then it would always turn on if you have it in your pocket.
  7. oufc1976

    oufc1976 Member

    Great! Shake will do me just fine! When do you expect it to be ready?
  8. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

    Hopefully not much longer (few hours, which includes the time it takes to get on market). I just have to tweak the UI for starting the service. I will post a link when it is up. It has worked on all of the devices I have, so once you get a hold of it, if you could, let me know if it works okay.
  9. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

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  10. oufc1976

    oufc1976 Member

    Nice one mate!
  11. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

    Thanks!! :)

    How is the sensitivity on it? I tried to get a good medium and I think it turned out well. Every devices accelerometer is different so it may or may not work on other ones. But usually the newer phones will because the sensors are better.
  12. oufc1976

    oufc1976 Member

    Seems spot on to me
  13. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

  14. james20187

    james20187 New Member

  15. jtcady

    jtcady Well-Known Member

    The device admin has to be enabled for the screen off function to work.

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