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  1. jedward7777

    jedward7777 New Member

    Hi folks,
    I bought a Moment for a buck which has a cracked screen. The phone was still functional and we have used it for some time in the cracked condition. I finally purchased a $20 screen replacement off of ebay. I took the phone appart and low and behold the screen wasn't cracked, it is a thin piece of plexy glass between the screen and the world. What is the name of this thin piece? Not sure how to search for it on ebay as I don't know what it is called. It is kind of like a window above the screen. btw been using UberMoment on it and it is nice to not have the Sprint apps on it.

  2. jedward7777

    jedward7777 New Member

    Never mind. My wife is so smart. She figure it out. It is called a "LCD Touch Screen Digitizer" and they can be had for $17. Boo that we bought the wrong thing. And double boo that I ripped up a zif connector on my old screen so I will need it anyway. :p

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