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  1. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    My Galaxy Nexus was working just perfect. I had it on Muzzy 4.2.1; flawless. Then two days ago, I picked it up, unlocked it, and the colors were all washed out. Some apps look purple instead of black. I am attaching the link to a YouTube video I took (sorry, not the best video). But, you can see where the color should be black and it is purple. Plus, the green line for the pattern unlocker now looks yellow and there are two persistent thin green lines at the top and the bottom. I re-installed Muzzy and nothing. I then wiped everything, did a factory reset, installed CM 10.1, and nothing. When booting, even the Nexus logo shows washed out colors. To me, it looks more of a hardware issue, but wanted to see if anyone had seen this and I am hoping it is a software issue. I searched the internet and had no luck. Here is the video: Galaxy Nexus screen problem - YouTube Help please!!!

    Edit: adding a pic. You can see the green line and the purple color...


  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    looks like a hardware issue. I would make a Recovery Backup of your current set up. Move that backup to your PC. Then return your phone to stock. If it still does it have it replaced.
  3. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    Good idea about returning the phone to stock...I'll give it a try and will report back....
  4. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    If it is hardware. Call Samsung and see if its still under warranty. If it is they will pay for two day shipping to and from. They replaced my screen for screen burn in and banding and I had the phone back in less than two weeks. Funny thing is I bought it used off eBay and thought I was screwed because the phone build date was way past the one year warranty. They didn't even question where I got it or when. They just said to send it in for warranty repair. The screen is absolutely perfect now and it didn't cost me a dime. When I got it back I booted it up and realized I forgot to relock the boot loader. They still honored the warranty. YMMV of course.

    This is my fourth GNex. I went through three of them for signal and screen issues and one that the volume button stopped working. I went to the Droid RAZR for the better signal, I but missed the GNex and decided to give it one more try. This one has no signal problems and now a brand new screen. :)
  5. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Being that so many kernels affect the color settings, I would go back to 100% stock and see if it's still doing it. Then you will know that it's a hardware and not a software version.

    I get little quirks with my screen when ever I flash nightlies of AOKP. I don't use the the Lean kernel that comes with it so once I flash my kernel and boot up, it takes a couple seconds for the screen to adjust and look normal but it looks very funny when it's adjusting.

    Also make sure you go into developer options in the settings menu and make sure there isn't anything checked. Nothing at all! There is several options in there that will make your screen look like an acid trip. ;)
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  6. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the input guys. I will try Samsung and see if they will fix it. I actually traded my Razr Maxx here in these forums for the Genex. It was a fair trade. Funny thing is that I bought another Maxx this weekend to replace my Genex, so full circle! :) Wow, nothing beats the Maxx's battery! But, I miss my Genex! The Genex is still fully functional. The only issue is the screen colors. I actually restored the phone back to stock 4.1.1. Problem is definitively hardware. Ok, I'll let you know what Samsung says...
  7. Mr. Orange 645

    Mr. Orange 645 Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if you got it fixed or wound up calling Samsung.
  8. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mr. Orange,

    Well, I went online and chatted with Samsung. The first time it took a while as the guy went through the standar procedure: make sure developer options are off, do a hard reset...etc. I wasn't even done with the hard reset and the guy said he had to go and that he was 100% sure that will fix the problem and if not, to contact them again.

    Well, it did not work. I contacted them again via chat. The second person was asking a lot about Verizon, if I went to their store for help, when I purchased it, etc. He asked for the IME # to check for warranty by I did not have the cell with me, so he said to contact them again.

    Chat #3: I told the guy right away about my previous two sessions and that I wanted to know if my cell was under warranty. He asked me about any water damage or drops. He asked me to check the seals on the battery and by the battery terminal to make sure there was no water damage. Everything was ok; no damage at all. Then I gave him the cell's IME # and he told me it was still under warranty!!!! Sweet! :D

    They provided me with a case number via email and then emailed me a UPS label. So, I paid nothing to send the cell to them. The phone is still in Texas at their facility. They said they will take a look at it and if they determine the damage was not cause by me, then they will fix it to factory standards and will ship it back at no cost. If they determine the cause is not covered by their warranty, then they will let me know how much it is and ask me if I want to proceed or not. I am hoping there is no cost and that they can fix it. In the meantime, I might go for a Note 2.

    I will update this post to let everyone know what the final outcome is.
  9. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    I got my Genex back yesterday!!! It now has a brand new LCD screen! Samsung provided superb service. Everything was at zero cost to me. Samsung keeps you updated via a case number and they post on their website what is being done to the cell. The original ETA was for next week, but they turned it around extremely fast and shipped the cell on Friday via UPS two-day delivery. Due to the weekend, it arrived yesterday. So, the bottom line is: if you have any issues with your Samsung cell, call them or do the online chatting and find out if it is still under warranty. You might be I was.

    Thank you Mr. Orange 645 for sharing your experience with me. Otherwise, I would had probably thrown the Genex in a drawer and had forgotten about it.

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