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  1. Htc_Wildfire

    Htc_Wildfire Member

    Hi ,
    I just got my first android phone , the htc wildfire. I love it and stuff but i got it on a 24 month contract and want to keep it safe :) so i brought a screen protecter. Its a thin sticker thing and it looks absoulote shit. It has air bubbles in it and stuff does anyone have a solutuin to make it look better ?

  2. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    Hard to say without knowing the brand/model of screen protector you bought. There are several different types.
  3. SoftWyer

    SoftWyer Well-Known Member

  4. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Not all screen protectors are the same. Some require more skill than others as well.

    You may need to try a different one (a different brand). I've never had much luck with reapplying any of them.
  5. bigbosa

    bigbosa Active Member

    I just ordered a Zagg Invisible shield
  6. bigbosa

    bigbosa Active Member

    got my new Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector .Seems ok any bubbles etc are now gone the next day , my gripe is that its sticky to the touch . I really hope this improves ,dont think it will :rolleyes:. Really this is not the best for a touch screen phone as your fingers tend to drag across the screen because of the stickiness,using Swype is really not good with this protector.Scrolling through the screens is erratic. Gonna ditch it if it does not improve :(
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a protector that will work with Swype/Shape writer ?
  7. Gash

    Gash Well-Known Member

    Most of these would be fine. The official one especially.
    I bought the G5 one's for my Desire and you wouldn't even know it was on the phone.

    Home - (UK) - Free Delivery
  8. bigbosa

    bigbosa Active Member

    Hi Gash
    Thanks for the link. How do you find using Swype /Shapewriter with these protectors

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