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  1. golu14

    golu14 Active Member

    is a screen protector required or does it have a hardend or gorilla glass of some kind?

  2. snuphiluphigus

    snuphiluphigus Active Member

    No gorilla case so be careful!! I would highly recommend Zagg Invisible Shield protector or at the least a protective case of some sort.
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  3. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    i applied the one bb had.. the zagg and it looks and feels great
  4. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    I want to use Zagg but that is so expensive. I hear Skinomi techskins are good the only issue is the application and honoring of the lifetime warranty.
  5. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    That was why I bought at bb. Fifty for the bluetooth, shield and case was not bad
  6. snuphiluphigus

    snuphiluphigus Active Member

    Yes, Zagg can be a little expensive but if it is damaged in any way, they will send you a new cover for the life of the phone. On my old MT3G, I replaced it more than 7 times which more than makes up for $25.00. Nothing will protect your phone from damage better than Zagg Invisible Shield.
  7. opinari

    opinari New Member

    I got a two small but noticeable scratches on my Nexus S just from carrying it around in daily use. I decided to pick up a screen protector and at the time, the only protector was the Zagg.

    I'd recommend NOT buying the Zagg for several reasons.

    1) the installation isn't easy especially if it's your first time. I'd heavily recommend heavy use of the spray, a steamy room, and a lot of patience.

    2) the screen clarity is rather poor. The much-vaunted orange peel effect does dissipate after 48 hours, but it's still rather noticeable. Worse though, is that it creates a very slight blur; a shame considering the clarity of the SAMOLED screen.

    3) it gets roughed up rather easily. The screen protector reminds me much more of rubber than plastic. It has a slight tack that wears off a bit, but that also tends to pick up its own scratches and indentations. The tack is also very annoying when attempting to Swype or draw shapes. Although there's free lifetime replacements, installation is annoying enough that I wouldn't want to do it again.

    I'd instead give a strong recommendation to Wrapsol Ultra, which just released a kit for the Nexus S.

    1) Most importantly, it's FAR clearer than the Zagg. It's shocking to see the difference in clarity.

    2) it's as smooth as the naked screen.

    3) it's a full body kit. Covers the back nicely.

    That said, there are some negatives to the Wrapsol.

    1) The installation is dry, but it's not much easier than the Zagg. In fact, I'd heavily recommend doing parts of it wet if you can. Dust particles cling to the screen protector and removing them with a wet finger helps a lot. Having your fingers wet allows you to remove the sheet and retry.

    2) The back sheet is rather tough to put on right. It's a mite short so you might have to try a couple of times.

    All in all though, I wish I didn't get the Zagg. There'll be more good options coming out soon, but the Wrapsol Ultra is far better than the Zagg right now. (I wouldn't trust it for drop protection despite the ads though).
  8. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    I fully agree do not use zagg but you need some protector I just hate the rubbery feel of it and its difficult to apply. It will do what its advertised to despite my disappointment with it
  9. toydawg

    toydawg Well-Known Member

    I got my Zagg professionally installed (if you call a 19 yr old kid a pro.) and it looks great. The screen still looks as brilliant as stock. The main reason I like using Zagg is the quality and durability of the plastic. It has literally saved many of my previous phones with keys, falls, and any types of scratches. How's the quality of the Wrapsol Ultra? Can it withstand an intentional key scratch? I've actually done that on my phone and not one mark was left on the Zagg.
  10. netcbc

    netcbc New Member

    bought some ebay anti-glare ones, will see how it goes lol
  11. opinari

    opinari New Member

    I actually think the Wrapsol Ultra is a little thicker than the Zagg, which might be why it has less of an orange peel effect. Whether that means it's more protective or not, I have no idea :D

    I can say though that I would feel safe scratching my screen with a set of keys, but it might be worse idea than with the Zagg. Because it's more "glass-like", you see scratches more easily than on the Zagg, where the texture hides them.

    That said, I only have one small scratch on the front shield (and that was accidentally from my keys :D). I would still trade clarity and smoothness for seeing smalls scratches any day.

    That said, I hope more options come out soon cause neither is all that cheap :)
  12. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    I would not recommend the Zagg Invisible Shield.

    We're probably all agreed that the Nexus S is a cool-looking 'phone, especially with its curved screen. I was quite happy to show mine to anyone who passed by... until I applied the Zagg screen protector. After two weeks, it's still an embarrassment and has ruined the look of the 'phone, so much so that as soon as a replacement arrives it'll find its deserved home - in the trash.

    The Zagg might well provide excellent protection, but it also reflects and refracts light from every direction (including splitting it into multiple colours), the holes don't line up, it has a terrible "orange peel" appearance and also has a tacky, rubbery feel, which makes using Swype particularly awkward. Mine still has a number of micro-bubbles trapped between screen and protector which haven't gone away and tiny flaw lines which can be seen when the screen is displaying something white.

    And I might add, this is after a really careful, dust-free installation and a "wait" period of a couple of weeks.

    I can't say anything good about this product, and hopefully a couple of images will illustrate how bad it looks, in my case anyway.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    P.S. apologies for using Imageshack, the forum gave me database errors when trying to attach the files.
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  13. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    damn, yeah that is bad. thanks for posting about Zagg.
  14. snuphiluphigus

    snuphiluphigus Active Member


    I have had the Nexus S since day one and have been using the same Zagg application since that day. I do not have the same issues and my screen looks wonderful without any type of orange tint. Patience during the installation is mandatory and I think that is where most people fall short and become extremely frustrated with the product. I recall the first time I applied Zagg on another phone, I wanted to choke someone. It is also extremely important for you to allow it time to dry and form to the phone after installation, about 12-24 hours. I believe some people are just throwing it right in their pocket after installation and it starts to pick up lint and debris and in some cases shift away from the install location.
    For those of you that do not possess the patience for installation, I heard their was a newer type of Zagg that is easier to apply but I have not used it. Also, many malls within the US have Zagg representatives that are very skilled with applying Zagg. Maybe you want to give them a try sometime. If Zagg doesn't work for some of you, I wish you the best of luck finding a product that will match the protection that Zagg offers.
  15. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    When people describe an "orange peel" effect with the Zagg, they're describing its texture, not a colour tint.
    I agree entirely, which is why I installed mine with the utmost care in a dust-free environment on an anti-static mat I use for watch repair - and if I have the patience for that, I have the patience for anything! I've also installed a lot of screen protectors over the years so it's something I'm fairly used to.

    I'd also agree that the Zagg probably offers the best protection, for example if you decide to repeatedly scratch it with a pair of scissors, but for most people that might be a little excessive and the trade-off between protection vs. how the 'phone looks with the Zagg installed isn't for me. Your mileage may vary however.
  16. Aria807

    Aria807 Active Member

    I have the Zagg one I think, one from Best Buy Mobile. Expensive but it does feel a lot more durable. However I don't really like the texture and I think it's more prone to fingerprints. Maybe I'll change to other brands later.
  17. Nawktonson

    Nawktonson Member

    That looks really horrible. It should not look like that at all. It's probably defective or maybe you didn't apply enough liquid when you applied it. There needs to be enough liquid so that the skin can be moved around freely before squeegeeing it.

    I used a full body skin from BestSkinsEver which is supposed to be the same material (3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film?) as Zagg at a fraction of the cost because they don't have fancy packaging or marketing. They have more precise cuts too IMO. They were one of the first ones to offer a skin for the Nexus S and I've been using them for years. Here is what it looks like on my phone:

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    There is a small bubble below the Samsung logo on the back but I think it will go away in a few days. Orange peel is noticeable only from certain angles. With dry hands, it feels like nothing is there at all. With sweaty hands however, it can be difficult to swipe across the screen smoothly.

    This cost me $10 shipped for the full body skin. The customer service is great. They don't have a lifetime warranty but there was a small defect on my first skin and they replaced it quickly for free. A good alternative to consider :)
  18. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    Thanks for sharing those photographs, that does look better than the Zagg and the cut-outs are far more precise. New market too!

    Strange you should mention using enough liquid, I thought I'd drowned the thing and used too much.

    I've now moved on to a screen protector by Terrapin - available in the UK from some eBay sellers and via Amazon market. It's a dry application shield, with two protective films, one is removed to place the shield on the 'phone, the other after any bubbles are smoothed out. Because of this, I would imagine it's prone to becoming statically charged when applied and attracting dust, so I'd suggest taking every precaution.

    The Terrapin is slightly thicker than most dry screen savers so the level of protection should be above average, but it's also completely smooth and clear, so it's very difficult to see it when applied and Swyping is a breeze.

    The only negative is that the hole cut-outs aren't as precise as they could be (no better or worse than the Zagg) but because you can't easily see the screen in the first place, the slight lack of alignment isn't as noticeable.

    In my case, the phone looks much, much better with the Terrapin than with the Zagg, so I'll probably be sticking with it. Hopefully it'll last a while.
  19. dhend25

    dhend25 Well-Known Member

    Dear snuphiluphigus,

    I just purchased the "S" today and also the "Zagg" screen protector. I actually watched a best buy employee install one on an iphone4 and did a pretty slick job of it. They charge $8.00 to do it, but I have to say he did a great job. I opted to bring my Zagg home first to look at it and make sure it was really for my phone. As I'm sure you're already aware, accessories for our phones are few and far between.

    My question for you is.... Were you concerned that the liquid might get into the speaker or any other opening? That's what concerns me.

    Any comments on this would be appreciated!


    Dave H
  20. Stuart P

    Stuart P Well-Known Member

  21. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Its more scratch resistant than other devices I have had but its not the same as the Galaxy S or Vibrant screen tech so be careful and don't drop it, get a gel or hard case although I do believe a rubberized one would be best.
  22. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    If you haven't already, get Geeksquad Blacktie protection for your S if anything goes wrong with your device or if you drop it and the screen gets messed up they will replace it. It honestly is great stuff. I got it for my S and I am on my 3rd Brand new Nexus S replacement, my last one had software glitches and my first one I had dropped on bricks of which cracked the screen, turn around time is about 3 days. All the true protection I need really and its good for a year cost around $10 monthly for 12 months no extra fees for the replacements either.

    As far as Zagg goes I have had one personally and could not for the life of me get it right and I also hated to rubbery feel it has, was a waste of $35 I think it was that I paid but if you like it I highly advise you to pay the $8 and have the employee do it. As far as water in the speakers.. its a non issue as you are not to spray on the screen but on the back of the protector.
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  23. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    I have just installed a Skinomi Techskin on my Nexus S.

    Skinomi TechSkin™ for Google Nexus S

    Can't praise it highly enough. Like the Zagg, it's a wet install, albeit a little different as the instructions suggest spraying both the front and back of the film. The cut-outs are the most precise I've seen on any screen protector for the Nexus S, and although it's probably about 0.5mm short of reaching from top to bottom, also provides the best coverage.

    Unlike the Zagg, there is no orange-peel effect at all. None. It's completely smooth. It also has a much nicer feel than the Zagg, your finger still glides across it when Swyping or scrolling. The tiny micro-bubbles left after install had all completely disappeared within twelve hours, unlike with the Zagg where they were still present after a week.

    So in all, vastly superior.

    Of course today, I managed to put a scratch on the front by dropping a pen. Not a problem with the Skinomi installed, but I was a bit miffed that I'd already marked the film. An hour later and it had gone, amazingly, so the stuff even has self-heal properties.

    I also added a back protector - people who've tried this will know how fiddly it can be - but that's also almost invisible, aside from the small cut-outs around the Nexus S' curved corners. In fact I was surprised how well it has adhered to the curved and lumpy back.

    And for the record, it turns out that the Terrapin protectors scratch quite badly over time on the the most benign of items, including tissue and even the stitching on the inside of my jeans' pocket. I'd still recommend them, but not in the long term.

    Zagg: 1/10 (for effort, mainly), Skinomi: 10/10 (so far).
  24. dbairduk

    dbairduk Member

    i agree my terrapin looks a mess after a couple of weeks and at
  25. dbairduk

    dbairduk Member

    are there any products like Skinomi in the uk? do car phone warehouse do something like it? I would like to pay to have it put on perfectly.

    I fitted a terrapin my self and got the tiniest piece of dust managed to find its way back in! After 2 weeks its got swirl marks on it and looks rubbish.

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