Screen protector recommendation while you wait for SGPGeneral

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  1. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    I kept being concerned about my screen but I didn't want to pay 30 bucks for a plastic film I might not even like.

    Bottom line is I wanted to wait for all of them to be out and get reviews.

    Meanwhile I stumbled through amazon and found these:

    5-Pack EZguardZ HTC Verizon Droid INCREDIBLE Screen Protectors (Ultra CLEAR)(EZguardZ Packaging) by EZguardZ 1.99

    I'm not going to lie to you, they dont apply super well (maybe its just because its my first time) but for 1.99 including shipping for 5 I feel like my and my sister in law's incredible will be protected until we decided on a good quality screen protector.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there.

    As far as a case I think I might get the gradient case and a universal car dock?


  2. aesirx

    aesirx Active Member

    Skip the gradient case, it feels cheap, is really slippery, doesn't form to the phone very well, and some have reported the black flaking off after just a few day's use. Get the high gloss silicon case, it's awesome and I actually prefer it to the Seidio I had on my Droid. Only problem is the headphone hole is small, and may need to be drilled out for 'phones with larger plugs.
    And any full screen protector has to be better than the Zagg I'm suffering with until the Steinheil is out...
  3. AckMan

    AckMan Active Member

    I just put the Verizon screen protector on. It does the job until the Steinheil comes out. Last thing I need is a scratched screen.
  4. fwise3

    fwise3 Active Member

    Whats wrong with the ZAGG protector? I've had it on my phone ever since it got to my house and I love it!
  5. Saeten

    Saeten Well-Known Member

    I ordered 2 Clarivue anti-glare's. No wet application and its anti-glare/anti-fingerprint.
  6. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    do you have a link to the high gloss silicone case?
  7. Doc_Stew

    Doc_Stew Well-Known Member

  8. armoredsaint

    armoredsaint Well-Known Member



    i'm waiting for it to be in stock so i can order the crystal clear
  9. GlockGuy80

    GlockGuy80 Well-Known Member


    I just wish they covered the whole front glass including the 4 function buttons on the bottom. I'm waiting for Steinheil to get more stock.

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