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  1. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    Well I have seen threads on the best screen protector, and I have some of my own conclusions. I have had every single one I am listing, I have used them each for about 1 month to 2 months, so I know what I am talking about. Here they are.

    With each one, at the end I will include scores ranging from 0-5. And the overall, average of each one.

    Grip- How well each one is set down on something and able to remain put during a drive or something, and how it feels in the hands.

    Screen Feel- How close and nice it feels to the screen.

    Protection/Scratch Test- How it preforms to the normal keys in the pocket and nails etc, hitting the screen and phone.

    Price- Worth the price paid? How well of a deal it is.

    Installation- How easy it was.

    Overall- The average of the 5.

    Background= All were installed using Zagg Spray. I used each for about 1-2 Months Each. I only bought the Full Body Protection. The Zagg Cost me 19.99 for one. The Phantomz Skinz cost me 25 for Two. And Stealth Guard cost me 9.99 for TWO. Took my time with installations and all. Thanks and have a good time reading this.

    I HAVE HEARD OF GHOST ARMOR, STENHIEL, AND BSE, but didn't have the time, nor wanted to spend the money.

    Zagg Invisible Shield
    - I have used Zagg since I owned my first smartphone. The feel is a little rubbery, and yes, it has amazing grip, which also accounts for the rubber feel on the screen. Close to screen touch, but not quite. The install was ok, although there were annoyances with the little strips. And the screen I found needed to be stretched to fit over my phone, which was NOT ok. Overall it did great during the scratches, i kept my phone in my key pocket, and all them went away. I guess 1 month wasn't enough to see the orange peel as i didn't see any,but, the worst thing happened, it seemed that lint in my pocket was getting under my zagg, once I peeled it off, it was true, the zagg collected lint from my pants, wtf? So I did away with it.

    Pros: Great Communication, great "shield" for the phone, grip

    Cons: screen felt rubbery, lint problem, orange peel for some, and parts ended up falling.

    Overall : 4/5
    Installation: 3/5
    Scratch Test: 5/5
    Grip: 5/5
    Screen Feel: 3.5/5
    Price: 3.5/5

    Phantom Skinz- Phantom Skinz. Price was better than Zagg, cms was alright, and the product, well, read on. Their skin claims to provide protection, and well, that isn't what I got. The keys totally screwed the screen protector up, the scratches never dissapated, there was problems with the damn thing sticking, and well, overall it sucked. The install was better than zagg, no scretched peices needed to be preformed. The screen was a better feel than zagg, it had the best touch of them all actually. Close to the screen feel. OK grip. That was all, just a bad experience with it.

    Pros: Feel, Look, price, you get two. Install process

    Cons: protection, false advertisment-doesn't heal scratches AT ALL, cms isn't very respsonsive, and grip wasn't too good.

    Installation: 4.5/5
    Grip: 3/5
    Protection/Scratch- 1/5
    Screen Feel- 4/5
    Price: 4/5

    Stealth Guards- Pretty new company from what I've seen, but from the prices I went with it. You get two full bodies for 9.99. So the box was just a white cardboard box.Shitty packing if you ask me. Well let's move on. The installation was just like Zagg's, with the exception of the streching, the screen fit perfectly!! The little peices just sucked to put on, as usual. The screen felt great, like phantom skinz, it was good, almost the real screen. No rubber feel. Then the protection was great! I really liked it, it offered Zagg's protection and proved up to the scratching. There was one problem, well three. The website seems like a scam, the cms sucks ass, and the thing is a dust magnet, really, it attracts more dust then all them, but nothing a wipe won't fix. It had alright grip, better than Phantomz.

    Pros: Screen feel, price!! price! Price!Protection, and did I mention price? You get two!

    Cons: Website looks like a scam, shipping isn't tracked, the thing all seems shady, grip wasn't at Zagg's par.

    Overall: 4.4/5
    Installation: 4/5
    Screen Feel: 4/5
    Protection: 5/5
    Grip: 4/5
    Price: 5/5

    Yes, as you may have guessed the ranks were Stealth Guards, then Zagg, then Phantom Skinz. But it depends on what you want. The easy install and best feel? Phantom, the BEST protection and grip? Zagg. Then overall, like a combination of both, buy Stealth Guards.

    I currently use Stealth Guards, they are the best for me, and 10 for 2 is an impressive bargin.

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  2. vr6dubbin

    vr6dubbin Well-Known Member

    How does the Stealth Guard feel on the fingers compared to the Verizon screen protector? I have had one on my droid since December and it slides really smooth.. I have no issues with it.. but if these are that much better than I may pick one up. I had invisibleshield on my Voyager and didn't like the gritty feeling it gave me.
  3. smittythepig

    smittythepig Well-Known Member

    yikes, stay away from all of them. they're all junk. any of the rubbery ones that go on with water stink. used to use them all the time but can't stand them now. especially for screens. get a static screen protector and a decent case.
  4. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    I have had the verizon wireless one on my dare, they feel about the same.
  5. obutto

    obutto Well-Known Member

    Btw guys, if your considering the Zagg shield, I would go with BestSkinsEver (Same material, different cuts, huge price difference). Stealth Guard seems nice. I might try it out in the near future.
  6. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    I got a Zagg full body protection for my desire on friday and i am not impressed. It took me forever to install, I still have tiny bubbles all over the phone after spending literally an entire weekend using the squeegee card on it. Also that very night i had my phone and keys in the same pocket, and i now have massive scratches in the shield! The website is rediculous, have tried to register the product at least 5 times. Finally managed to try and sort out my free lifetime replacement, only to find out i have to pay for postage and packaging AND the cost to send the old screen protector back. If i dont return the old screen within 60 days, they will charge me for the full product. Never using Zagg again
  7. obutto

    obutto Well-Known Member

    You don't have to use the card to get the bubbles out. Its almost impossible. What you do is wait a week (you can use it after the 1st day) and then the bubbles will disappear slowly but surely.
  8. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the air bubbles, just get the big ones out of there first, and the little ones will leave after 2-4 days.
  9. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried Expert Shield on a Droid? I used them on my Tilt and they were great, I have one on order now, though they're in Japan I believe and take forever to get here.
  10. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    I like the Zagg personalized skin for my droid. It went on easily and I like the grip on it. And it is pretty.
    Stealth Guard is OK for the screen protector but the full body protector is the same as with all of them. A pain to install and not going to look good no matter what. I ordered mine when they were offering it for half price so I got four full sets for $10 and I should be set for the next 2 years even if I just use the screen protector parts.
  11. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    That's too bad. The Steinheil Crystal is about as close to glass, IMO, of the ones I've tried. I'm only using the screen protector though. Not bothering with a full body kit on my Droid.

    As much of a fan as I have been in the past of the Invisible Shield, I'd hardly call their protector "close to screen feel" (unless your screen somehow has a tacky feel). The subjectivity of these assessments as well as the fact that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a screen protector (some want clarity above all, some want the feel of glass above all, some want the toughest screen protector, some want anti-fingerprint, etc) are the problems I see with the OP's reviews.
  12. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    I know that, however the bubbles are still there, this is a week now. Have ordered a free replacement because it's scratched badly, and I have to pay for postage and packaging! Also i have to send the shield back, at MY EXPENSE! this is rediculous, not happy and will be making a complaint.
  13. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    i just got my Stealth Guard they just look like standard 3M film cutouts (they even have the 3M watermarking). Is this correct?
  14. baa269

    baa269 Well-Known Member

    I got the phantom full body but I'm only using the screen back and sides made it slippery.

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  15. kens97sto171

    kens97sto171 Well-Known Member

    I bought these for my Droid. From

    Motorola Droid Screen Protector ( 3Pack )

    They work very good. Much better than the VWZ ones. They installed much easier, and have a better feel, and 3 for $6.99 aint bad. They came individually packaged, each with its own cardboard squeegee. They DO cover the buttons on the screen too.

    Also got these cases at the same time. I just needed something CHEAP till I could decide what REAL case I wanted to spend my money on. I was suprised how good they were. I have not had them fall off or fail yet. Just some of the color rubs off. But again for $6.99 they work very well

    Motorola Droid Rubberized Shield Hard Case Red

  16. leemozoid

    leemozoid Active Member

    Best Buy installed my ZAGG. I'm happy for the most part but the upper right corner above the LED and to the right of the notch cutout won't stay down. On a couple of occasions it's snagged and peeled back somewhat but I was able to get it to stick back down for the most part.
  17. blackops

    blackops Well-Known Member

    yes, tell me how they work out.
  18. thearch1tect

    thearch1tect Active Member

    I've seen some tricks posted by people elsewhere on the internet that suggest using some saran wrap around the edges and leaving that on for a bit helps with the edges
  19. Rota

    Rota Well-Known Member

    If you guys ever take your Droids in for a warranty replacement, take the shields off first. Verizon has a new policy that these shields void your warranty because they use water to install them. As stupid as it sounds, it almost cost me a replacement on my faulty Droid a couple weeks ago.
  20. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... You guys have convinced me to give this a try on my X10. I've read gadgetshieldz sucks, BSE doesn't offer it for the x10 and Zagg is too expensive. I'll let you know how it goes.
  21. davidnc

    davidnc Member

    I just ordered Stealth Guards right now they are free just pay for shipping , for a limited time tho ,;)
  22. jimdibb

    jimdibb Well-Known Member

    With the gorilla glass screen, I don't think there's any need for a screen protector and it feels so much better without one. I had the Zagg on my first droid, but when I got a replacement for a headphone jack problem, I left it naked.

    Feels great, looks brand new after 6 months.
  23. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member


    That's sick.

    Awesome awesome deal!
  24. masand

    masand New Member

    PLEASE NEVER BUY STEALTH GUARD SCREEN PROTECTOR... They are just a piece of shi_ ... They are Free with ($2.85 shipping so if don't satisfy you get nothing).. this is a scam.. size doesn't fit .. quality is creepy..PLEASE NEVER BUY!!!!!:mad:
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  25. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member

    Whoa, easy bud. I have used 3 Stealth Guards now. One on my Milestone, HTC Magic and Sony X10 and I find that they are great. Quality and feel can't be matched for the price. I will continue to buy these.

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