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  1. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone suggest a screen protector for the Samsung Moment? I am coming over from an Iphone and used a Power Support Anti-Glare screen protector. They are the best I have ever used. I am just assuming they will not make one for the Moment. I am considering trying to trim one down to fit the Moment, but not sure how it will work. I would prefer something similar, uses static to hold it on, not an adhesive. You can remove it and reuse them.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Gremlyn1

    Gremlyn1 Well-Known Member

    Not sure there are any out yet, but I am anxiously awaiting one myself.
  3. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    I just bought one on ebay. I will report once it comes.
  4. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Well-Known Member

    Same here.
  5. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    bought a 3 pack on ebay as well.

    can't wait for some clip cases to appear for sale.
  6. kjreisman

    kjreisman Member

    Bought a universal 5 pack at the sprint store for $9.99 and cut it to fit. Works very well so far.
  7. pking

    pking Well-Known Member

    Had a Zagg InvisiShield on my Hero before I returned it. It's overpriced and difficult to install, but it fit the screen perfectly.

    I wouldn't go with them again simply due to price, except that they setup a booth in the local mall where they install them professionally at no extra charge, so may pick one up for the Moment when they are available.
  8. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    Are any of these that you guys have purchased applied using static? Or are they anti-glare? I have not had much success with the Zagg. They are entirely too tough for me to apply and the gummy texture is not smooth to the touch.

    I might just be spoiled by the Power Support Anti-Glare. It applies easy and you can remove it and reapply it, no problem. The anti-glare is great also.
  9. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    I am considering the Invisishield once available. Unless there are good reviews prior to picking it up of others.
  10. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    if there is an Oleophobic protector that would be great, anyone know of one?
  11. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    Id like one of these as well.
  12. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    i received my screen protector from Clear Screen Protectors Home Page (via ebay) and have already put it on. pretty standard screen protector.
  13. masbirdies

    masbirdies Well-Known Member

    8mil 3m plastic...covers front and back. Right now, 30% off of 12.99 includes front and back (use coupon code school2009).

    Def better than those cheap ones you have to replace each month.
  14. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Well-Known Member

    I just got the cheap ebay protectors to hold me off until an oleophobic protector is available.
  15. dkjones96

    dkjones96 Well-Known Member

    Cheap 3 pack of eBay protectors = fail.

    I've never seen screen 'protectors' like this, they are just vinyl. There is no way to get it bubble free and it looks ugly. I doubt these will last 2 weeks each. Especially since I'm about to take the one I just put on 30 minutes ago off because it's nasty.

    Ordered the protector just now. The ebay ones will have to just stay there til I get another. I fear for my screens all the time!
  16. abrahan

    abrahan Well-Known Member

    i put mine on without a problem.

    there were a few bubbles, but i placed the phone on my monitor for about an hour, the heat from the monitor "cures" the bubbles and they went away by 75%.
  17. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    Zagg doesn't have theirs released yet apparently but I should be getting an email when they are ready. Hope something compareable comes out first. It is pricey!
  18. akenis

    akenis Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for something as well. That Clear Mobile Phone, Ipod, Digital Camera, and Computer Protectors (singular) looks promising.

    FYI for a temp fix I've got a blackberry storm sheet on. Perfect width and height for the screen area, but not extra moldings. The one I got is funny. Without the screen on its a pretty sharp mirror! Nice for the ladies, but too flashy for me. Really dims the screen also. But it's protected for now.

    Lemme know how you like the screenfreak. Is it anti-glare? textured or super smooth? Fingerprints and smudges? The stock screen is a mess with out anything....
  19. dmoseder

    dmoseder Member

    does anyone use any screen protectors? and if so are they any good?
  20. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    I was going to order this product, but as I was going through the checkout process I noticed the shipping charge. I might be a little cheap, but paying $11.94 for the shipping through UPS & paying $12.93 for the actual item ... is a bit steep for me. I am not sure how the cheapest shipping method for an item that is under 1lb is possible, but I can not make myself pay those shipping charges. Maybe if it was overnight, but USP ground from my experience takes 5-7 business days.
  21. Silverexpress

    Silverexpress Well-Known Member

    BoxWave Accessories - iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, HTC Cases, Batteries, Chargers & More

    They offer the best, and was rated the best in the past. Protectors are stiff, reuseble, and do not leave a residue. They come in two flavors, Anti-glare, and Crystal clear.

    Unfortuneately they have not made one for the moment yet, because it's too new.
    If your interested, send them your request, and screen measurements since there maybe a screen out there that is very close. I'm using one that was made for a Palm TX I had laying around.
  22. prot0type

    prot0type Member

    I got a custom cut for just the screen from a Zagg cart right after leaving the Sprint store. Cut and applied, it was $18 (bleh) but I've used Invisible shields before plus I needed something for the weekend.

    Alternatively I would have waited for Best Skins Ever, Inc. Home Page which I feel are comparable to Invisibleshields, but more than half the price. They've received some pretty good reviews if you look around.
  23. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    I would use an invisible shield, but I do not think there is a mall location in my area. Did you get a full wrap or just the screen?
  24. prot0type

    prot0type Member

    Just the screen or actually from right above the Sprint logo to the top of the optical pad.

    After using both InvisibleShield and BestSkins, I would still go with the BSEs. They're applied the same way and I haven't experienced any problems with it.
  25. droid51378

    droid51378 Well-Known Member

    Gotcha. So basically, just a rectangle? I was wondering if they actually cut it to match the screen of the phone.

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