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  1. grimmy

    grimmy Active Member

    My HTC Magic appears to be a massive fingerprint magnet... On my iPod Touch I have a Zagg Invisible Shield which helps a lot at preventing fingerprints. I think there is an Invisible Sheild coming soon for the Magic, but I only really want to cover the screen. Is anyone using a screen protector at the moment and does it help with fingerprints?

  2. nooga

    nooga New Member

    Just received a screen protector from HTC's site in the UK as in the first few days of using the Magic I find that the screen smears easily - not much good when you are showing it off!

    The protector seems to work fine- reduced smears and touch screen seems to react as well.

    Plus the phone looks really girly in the white case supplied and I don't want to scratch the screen if it was unprotected.

    Hope that helps.
  3. biscuiteer

    biscuiteer New Member

    Phones 4 u sell a 'Cut to Fit' screen protector for about 2 quid which worked a treat for me. No air bubbles, edge to edge fit, and the touch screen responds perfrectly.:)
  4. kevstv

    kevstv Active Member

  5. dustoff

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