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Screen ProtectorTips

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  1. angelus97

    angelus97 Well-Known Member


    I realise that even though the Xperia T goes on sale in 2 days there's not a huge amount of hands on information, but does anyone know if the Xperia T will have a factory fitted screen protector on it? I've read that previous Sony phones have had them fitted.



    I'm still unsure whether a screen protector comes attached to the phone, but this unboxing video shows that a screen protector is included in the box.


  2. SarcaGuy

    SarcaGuy Member

    If there's a screen protector that comes in the phone box, I doubt that there will be another one pre-fitted.
    Hopefully, the screen protector will be included in the leaked "AT&T Xperia T" as well...
  3. scarface3010

    scarface3010 New Member

    I want this phone. Any news on when it's coming to the USA?

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