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screen protectorTips

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  1. keithm

    keithm Member

    what is a good screen protector for the rezound? i do not like the verizon version.

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Depends how much you wanna spend... InvisiShield by Zagg is really nice, so are the ones by Bodyguardz.

    But lately I have just been using REALOOK or Halo ones from Amazon.com, they aren't the best, but work fine.
  3. ncampbell21

    ncampbell21 Well-Known Member

    I really like the ghost armor shield. Very clear no orange peal and almost like not having one on. You can buy one at most malls (I'm in CA.).
  4. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

  5. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    Weighing in from the "other side of the fence"... 3 years: no case, no screen protector - no problems. This works for me... hope you find a cover that works for you.
  6. appleaj

    appleaj Well-Known Member

    So you've not had any permanent smudges, nicks, or scratches on your screen? I don't use a case but I've always been leery of not using a screen protector.
  7. Brent372

    Brent372 Well-Known Member

    I use Realook on all my family's phones. (well at least all that RL makes them for).
  8. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    On the screen? Nope. Wish I could take a picture of just the glass for you... I've never dropped my phone, I don't poke it with keys and my phone pocket = front left pants pocket, nothing goes in there but the phone.
  9. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    My Rez goes naked. It too has a designated pocket that houses only the phone. I will admit to having a slight scratch on my screen after a year and a half use. I'm fairly confident that a rivet on a watch pocket of one pair of jeans was the culprit.
    I'm still happy and have no desire for screen protection. I only mention the scratch to point out... the glass will scratch without protection...even when taken close care to avoid such.

    I used a Steinheil protector on a couple of my Dincs back in the day and was very happy with them. I have no idea if they make one for the Rez.. expense... and if the quality is still there. Just another option for you.

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