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  1. Jimbo_Slice

    Jimbo_Slice Well-Known Member

    Ordered the Note 3 a couple days ago, waiting for it to get her (Monday). Looking for a good screen protector. Thoughts on the Tech Armor HD Clear or something like the Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM Premium Tempered Glass.

    Which one would be the better solution or is there something besides those 2?

  2. TomAGibb

    TomAGibb VIP Member VIP Member

  3. DeeJayCrash

    DeeJayCrash Well-Known Member

    Does anyone use Phantomskinz anymore? Similar to the Zagg products, but more superior, in my opinion. I use them on all my devices, and praise them to all my peers.
  4. Jimbo_Slice

    Jimbo_Slice Well-Known Member

  5. TomAGibb

    TomAGibb VIP Member VIP Member

    I had a Zagg screen protector on mine before I put the Mime Ghost Glass on and the difference is like night and day.
    There is a lot of drag from the Zagg as it's a 'Plastic film'. It does do a fair job of protection, but the 'Good' glass protectors or so much better.
    They are just like having the native glass, so smooth and it is truly worth it to me.
  6. Jimbo_Slice

    Jimbo_Slice Well-Known Member

    So I guess its just deciding which one you like best, the Mime, Spigen etc.
  7. Nehemiah

    Nehemiah Well-Known Member

    I have the tech armor tempered glass.. There can be nothing better for your screen.. It's a go!
  8. 2BH

    2BH Well-Known Member

    question on the tempered glass screen covers, how hard are they to remove when you need to change them due to wear or whatever? I'm considering that over the film but need more info.
  9. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    Tech armor ballistic glass is hands down the best. You can't even tell its there.

    And if you are to break it, or even mess it up during installation, you get lifetime replacements without any hassle whatsoever.
  10. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    They are very easy to take off.
  11. luvmynad

    luvmynad Well-Known Member

    I am very pleased with the iloome flex. the cost is reasonable and doesn't add much thickness to the screen. I have to use an otter box with my work conditions and it fits well. I don't think i could with some of the other tempered glass protectors due to them adding thickness to the screen. You can hardly tell you have screen protector with the iloome flex. Check it out on amazon. It's not as hard as the other 9h ratings but at 8h it is still pretty hard. you can also buy two for the price of one of the other protectors.
  12. Jimbo_Slice

    Jimbo_Slice Well-Known Member

    I ended up going with the iLoome Flex and couldnt be more happy. Cant even tell its there, my father in law was really impressed too, he tried to tell me there was no screen protector on the phone. LOL

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