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  1. stevedav1dson

    stevedav1dson New Member


    My touch screen is smashed after dropping the phone (which I always thought was to glossy and slippery).

    I see you can buy replacement "touch screen digitizers" and have found the correct item on ebay...

    LINK NOT ALLOWED: ITEM #251043380165

    ... but before I make the commitment to fix this thing myself, has anyone seen any instructions / guidance / video online for replacing the touch screen of this specific model of phone (Orange San Francisco 2 / ZTE Crescent)?

    I am a total novice at this kind of thing!

    Or any recommend phone repair shops local to me in Bristol UK?


  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    You could check out RepairsUniverse or iFixit as they put together tutorials for repairing many devices and sell any tools or part you may need. I haven't done it myself but i do read the take apart guides out of morbid curiosity and they are pretty good.
  3. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    I think 2 people did it over on modaco crescent. One Guy was going to make a guide.

    IIRC the screen is on tight with double sided tape and a couple of awkward screws.

    Good luck!
  4. stevedav1dson

    stevedav1dson New Member

    Thanks fr0d0 and Unforgiven

    I couldn't find anything for this model on RepairsUniverse or iFixit which is probably because it's a cheap unpopular model!

    On MoDaCo some guy had taken it apart and basically this put me right off doing it and I'll have to look for a phone repair shop:

    Quote from MoDaCo Crescent forum, posted by Domenico Lamberti:

    Right guys, carrying on from where i left off the other day about cracking the glass, i decided to take it upon myself to see how dificult it is to open up and replace it myself, my conclusions is :


    this is not like the blade in any way,shape or form, it is not easy to unlock,root,custom ROM or disassemble, in the interest of taking apart fully though i carried on, so far all i have been able to do is remove the black plastic that guards the inside of the device, in trying to disconnect the upper motherboard to get access to the things below i have successfully f*cked up and ripped off my power button (yes the soldered on power button) i have disconnected all the ribbon cable,and one side is loosened (the volume rocked side) the microUSB side seems to be attatched from something underneath, if i succesfully do this i shall complete this post, but for now ,if yyou break your digitizer, take it to a shop, that way if they badword it up, it's on them not you

    EDIT: Completed it, the thing holding the other side down was an adhesive sticker on the part of the screen, in hindsight if i knew this i probably wouldn't have forced in one area breaking my power button, but still this is not an easy tear down,it isn't recommended, and i stick with what i said earlier,if you break your digitizer or LCD (good luck trying to find one of them) take it to a phone shop (or even orange if you have insurance) and let them deal with it, ah well it isnt a proper forum until someone breaks something for the team is it
  5. Unforgiven

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    Um, yeah, that sounds bad. Good luck steve.

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