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  1. lino8419

    lino8419 New Member

    Hello all and first off thanks to whoever can help. I'm trying to figure out how to pop out the screen on an infuse that i dropped and cracked. to take out the screen do I need to remove those screws behind the battery case?? does anyone know the procedure? I've searched the forums and all over Google to no avail. thanks in advance!

  2. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    ok um 2 things do you have a new diffuser yet need a link?

    or do you want a link to a repair place?

    found a difusser on ebay also pricy tho
  3. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

  4. lino8419

    lino8419 New Member

    that is pretty close to the one i ordered. LCD Screen Touch Digitizer For Samsung Infuse 4G i997 | eBay
    it comes with the tools but will it really come with instructions? i've repaired my old iphone 3gs and 4 so i'm pretty sure i can get this one done i just want to make sure i don't start pulling things apart and get stuck with a bunch of broken pieces... thanks any more advice and i'll take it.

    i would go with a repair shop but they all want me to send my phone across the US.
  5. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    those 2 links are to order only and seem cheaper than ebay, last time i ordered from one of those places i got 2 tools and the how to do this with out a hammer! and not break it.

    ebay is ok just id rather have a store i can call with a problim!
  6. lino8419

    lino8419 New Member

    agreed! they just don't have them in stock. they said should be a 3 or 4 weeks. my phone is like a weapon every time i put it up to my face. :)
    chinefoo likes this.
  7. chinefoo

    chinefoo Well-Known Member

    from second link i dl price list

    OEM Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-I997 Complete Front Housing Assembly with LCD and Digitizer (AT&T) - Replacement Part $ 143.99 2 OEM Samsung Infuse 4G SGH-I997 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly (AT&T) - Replacement Part $ 133.99 2

    cheaper than ebay!

    also both screens are in stock! lol

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