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  1. nevergiveup

    nevergiveup New Member

    I am thinking about buying this and just wanted to know from someone who has used this if the screen is very responsive. I know if may not be like the iPhone or the Hero which used "capacitive" screens, but is it responsive enough that you barely have to push down on the screen to select items? Also, would you recommend this over an unlocked HTC Magic? Thanks!


  2. NigelCBS

    NigelCBS Member

    IMO unless your going from an iPhone to this you won't know the difference. I've used friends iPhones and they do have a slightly more responsive screen but only by a small amount. You hardly have to press the screen on a Tattoo a finger swipe works just fine :)
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi Nevergiveup & Welcome to the Forums! :D

    May I recommend popping into one of your local phone stores and trying the screen for yourself? , Theirs nothing like experiencing it first hand! ;)
  4. BTaylor

    BTaylor Active Member

    I swapped to the tattoo from a G1, and found the G1 to respond to much lighter touches than the Tattoo does.

    That said, the screen is brilliant and very responsive, shame about the lack of multitouch though :(
  5. raccoontoid

    raccoontoid New Member

    Never had a touch screen phone before so i was worried how I'd find it but it's been great for me, feels like I barely have to touch it and it more than keeps up with my typing.

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