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  1. Sharpset

    Sharpset Member

    I bought my first Droid 3 in August. Never had any problems with it; the phone and I were very good to eachother. Randomly, around December or early January, my touch screen started acting up. I had no idea why. Sometimes it just wouldn't work, then it just cut off completely. Verizon promptly shipped me a new one, and the problem was no more. Now, about a week or - or less - I started experiencing the same thing. When I would unlock the phone, the touch screen just wouldn't work. It wasn't a problem, I thought it was just a glitch or something. It got progressively worse. Yesterday, it was to the point where if I pressed the unlock button at the top, the screen wouldn't work unless I slide the keyboard out. Or, it would be the opposite, and sliding the keyboard out made the screen not work until I closed it. Today, the thing cut out on me completely. I took it to Verizon after a few hours did me no good. The guy looked at it, ordered me a new phone, said all he could do was reset it and hope for the best until my new one comes in. Randomly, it started working again. So, I changed my timeout settings and haven't locked it since. This idea was working great, until I tried using my keyboard to type a long message. Killed the screen for a good ten minutes. Which got me thinking, every time I use the keyboard and switch between that and the touch screen (sliding the keyboard, forcing screen rotation), it always lags and sometimes freaks out a little. So I'm wondering if that could cause a problem with the phone? I don't aggressively shove the thing open or anything. Like I said, I'm good to my phone, and it's good to me. The only thing I could think of is that sometimes I shut/lock or unlock/open it too fast and that would freak the processor out, or something. I have a task killer so my background processes don't get cluttered up. Also, it's been a good month or so since I've downloaded (or updated) any apps at all. So I have no idea what could throw a software issue like that. A hint towards a hardware issue: my menu/home button are constantly lit (when they should be). The return/search button work, but often are not lit. They do flicker on and off here and there.

    Hopefully someone has a clue. Thank you for reading all of this, even if you can't help me.

  2. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted at all? If not, I would root, buy Titanium Backup, make a back up of all apps and system data, then FXZ/SBF the phone to stock in an attempt to fix it. FXZ/SBF'ing the phone will remove root, so you'd have to re-root to get your data back, then you can unroot and the phone will appear as if it was never rooted despite what has happened.
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Try using an alternate home screen/launcher app (Go Launcher EX is a good one to try.) Go can be set either to support flipping to landscape with the keyboard open or not (menu->preferences->screen settings->screen orientation). I was always having a problem with the Moto default launcher setting my wallpaper back to the default wallpaper when I flipped from portrait to landscape and/or back when I opened or closed the keyboard; no alternate launcher that I have tried has done that to me.

    If it doesn't work out, just uninstall Go Launcher Ex and you'll be back to the standard launcher.

    That said, the backlit/not backlit capacitive buttons sounds like a hardware problem to me.

    Also, try turning the task killer off for a full week. If you think that it is still better with it, then you can turn it back on, but I think that you'll find that it makes no difference at all, and may be making things worse.

    Go Launcher EX (free):
  4. Sharpset

    Sharpset Member

    Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will try the Go Launcher Ex first, since back in the day I would lose my background momentarily as well. However, I just cannot fathom how sliding the phone open kills the touch screen, especially if I slide it out either when the screen's off (locked) or in the midst of a text message. If that doesn't prevail, I'll try rooting it and everything.
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I wouldn't bother rooting it - if you have a hardware problem, just call for a warranty exchange. Rooting/unrooting will not change anything.
  6. Stein1071

    Stein1071 Member

    I have to agree with doogald. You're not dealing with a software issue at all. What you have there is a definite hardware problem. The variation in the button lights prove. Warranty return time. Do not root or risk going to jail and not collecting your $200... Those are itty bitty connections in there and you've got one or two going bad.
  7. Sharpset

    Sharpset Member

    Yeah that's what I figured. The Go Launcher is a cool app, and I'll use it again, but that wasn't the problem. Everything is definitely hardware. Replacement comes tomorrow, there's no hope for this thing. I accidentally used my keyboard and lost my touch screen, but it came back. The keyboard is killing me. I hope Motorola finds a solution to this, because I LOVE this phone.

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