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  1. rysti06

    rysti06 Member

    Hey all, long time lurker, first post here on AF....

    I've had a HTC Evo now for 2/3 weeks, and I love it! But over the last few days it's started to act funny....

    What it's doing is lets say I unlock the phone and have it laying on my desk, in the past it would show the screen in portrait orientation....but over the lat 2/3 days its been jumping to landscape and I have to pick up the phone, tilt it to get it back to portrait, and if I lay it back down it will go back to landscape.

    This is mainly annoying when checking emails/texts/etc, but also if I am on the train and holding it near my waste, depending on the angle it will bounce back and forth from portrait to landscape!

    I originally did a reformat when I bought it, and I am going to do it again shortly to see if that helps....just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if it's fixable (and yes i do want auto rotation)....

    My phone has a few other problems such as minor light leakage, and a dead pixel (which I was going to look past and keep the phone)...so if this is something wrong with the hardware it would be a pretty good reason to get a replacement within my 30 days....

    Thanks in advance, I enjoying reading all the forums and it has helped my bb/winmo to android transition greatly!

  2. rysti06

    rysti06 Member

    well just an update...after a hard reset, it continued to do the same problem.....a few hours later(now) and it will not auto rotate at all....busted g sensor?
  3. letnas

    letnas New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Yesterday I install the new update and seems to be worse now..
  4. big89baby

    big89baby New Member

    After the update, my phone takes about 10 seconds to go from side view to scroll view.. I hate it.. are you having this problem?
  5. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    Thought I was going crazy! I did a hard reset (based on the instructions posted by a member on this site) and it seems like it got a little better but it is still not back to what it was with 2.1.
  6. jusblaize

    jusblaize Member

    im having the same problem how they hell do you fix this its so annoying
  7. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

  8. jusblaize

    jusblaize Member

    i just fixed my htc evo screen rotation problem. all i had to do was go to settings>display and click g sensor calibration so exactly what it says to do and it fixed my problem finally im so happy i figured this out and even happier i did it myself. try it out hopefully it works for you to. good luck.
  9. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    so far many of us have found this to be a suitable TEMPORARY fix....the issue comes back in less than a week...

    Gave it another shot..maybe things will be different after the update
  10. skipbrown

    skipbrown Well-Known Member

    This has been annoying the hell outta me for weeks... thought it was just me but now i've realized otherwise.
  11. BigHen

    BigHen New Member

    I have a Droid x if your phone are featured mind, go to setting and see do you have a auto-rotate screen and uncheck the box. Hope that helps
  12. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    the auto rotation is nice to have...this method completely turns auto rotation off.

    Prior to the 2.2 update the auto rotation was nearly perfect...though sometimes it would not rotate landscape without a lil tap....now the thing is wayyyy to sensitive
  13. hezhonker

    hezhonker Member

    I assume there is no way to manually rotate a screen and that disabling auto rotate means no rotate at all? I find it very annoying when laying in bed at night trying to catch up on some facebook or web browsing and the darned screen is always turning the wrong way. I would like to be able to rotate manually as needed.
  14. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    i have seen that some people are working on a toggle to do tis but have yet to try anything that has been put out there. search toggle in the market..or landscape

    again..haven't tried them. last i looked they had only made it as far as making a toggle to turn auto on or off
  15. hezhonker

    hezhonker Member

    Thank you kindly. :D Did check with the keyword rotate on the market/appbrain and there are a few toggle widgets and one app that you can use in conjunction with Locale. That one, if you have local, could be handy. Locale Auto-Rotation Plug-in - Android app on AppBrain

    I may reload phoneweaver as it may have had something like this. I doubt it but will take a look. I haven't had it installed because I found it annoyed the heck out of me always switching my profiles when I didn't need them. hehe.
  16. Barats

    Barats Well-Known Member

    Yes I have made a thread about this months ago! When I made the thread, my screen would not rotate when I wanted to. Now my problem is, the screen will rotate on its own and not want to go back to portrait for anything. I have to keep turning the phone from landscape view to portrait and it will finally go back. But it does go bonkers with this a lot, especially reading emails and texts. Yeah the G sensor thing will fix it and it will be smooth for awhile but it will come back. Drives me crazy sometimes.

    Wish someone could find the root of this problem.
  17. hezhonker

    hezhonker Member

    Yeah, it is a shame this is such a pain. I would have thought that they would have, at least, included another manual option to rotate the screen. The toggle really does no good because each situation is different. There seems to be something wrong with the sensitivity on this device.

    One note, to be fair, is that my iPhone is a pain too. There needs to be some manual solution to screen rotate so people can use the device flat or while laying down without having to disable rotate all together. Makes me think back to my old WM days with manual rotate. I think we all felt, back then, that the automatic rotate would be a life saver, but that has proven to have it's drawbacks too. I have found that auto anything can be a problem after a period of use. It's a great concept, but then there are always situations that present unique to each user when you find you don't need or want it. :(
  18. mpc2000

    mpc2000 Member

    Hi, I'm new here, and what I found was that if I shake the Phone it auto-rotates, which seems odd, as it used auto rotate without it, well, until after the upgrade to 2.2.....so I dont' know if it's a bug, but I did notice that my phone stopped auto rotating, but the upgrade was right after I'd bought the phone like a week or two ago....

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