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  1. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    I am having Samsung Galaxy POP (mini), bought it few months back, problem is that my phone's home screen i not rotating in home screen at first when i bought home screen was rotating, while it does rotate while using an application. I have also tried hard reset option it worked for 5-6 min, now it's not working anymore :(:mad::(:mad:

  2. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    Screen rotation needs to be supported by the app. Some rotate, some don't. The default Samsung launcher does not support rotation. If you want homescreen to rotate you will need to use a third party launcher like LauncherPro or Go launcher etc.

    Also check if auto rotation is enabled by pulling down your status bar.
  3. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    @atulalvenkar: i have tried using Go Launcher as well as Launcher Pro, but nothing seems to work either. :(
  4. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    Try downloading aTilt 3D labrynth from market and check if your accelerometer is working.
  5. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    P.S. - game is cool :cool:
  6. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    go to settings > display and note if auto screen rotation is checked..
  7. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    done but nothing seems to work, maybe samsung launcher does not support screen rotation :-\
  8. Nahid

    Nahid Well-Known Member

    My phone never rotated in home screen and in main menu. I guess it's their default setting.
  9. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    Yeah .. The screen only rotates in the applications that support it.most probably samsung has omitted the home screen auto rotation to save battery..
  10. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    may be, but truly speaking even many a times screen rotates automatically, but just for a second and (the best part is) i don't know how.
  11. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    U mean the home screen ? o_O ..
  12. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

  13. mitra_jit2005

    mitra_jit2005 Active Member

    Now don't tell me my set is faulty. I just praised it like hell on the other post.. ^_^ ..
  14. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    your handset is fine, its just that samsung launcher does not support rotation of home screen, try to think other way round may be my handset is faulty anyways i like that fault :D
  15. StoneBoyTony

    StoneBoyTony Well-Known Member

    I have a the solution for this. I was having the same problem i've tried everything and at the end i find the solution. Just install first "Rotation Toggler.apk" and then "ADWLauncher EX v1.3.3.apk" and everything is working fine on rotation from home screen to applications screen full 360
  16. sagar89deo

    sagar89deo New Member

    can someone help me out with auto rotation? When i enable auto rotation, all apps like messaging or settings or any in built apps are seen landscaped. Even when i turn my phone in normal (portrait) position, it stays landscaped. My accelerometer is working very normal. Please help me out.
  17. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    It takes time for it to rotate. Also, if your settings are all right, you need to incline your device to a certain angle for it to work. Try tilting your device up and down (left and right). After a few experiments you will get it working and probably also get to know the trick how to do it in future too. :)
  18. jjpiloto

    jjpiloto New Member

    My galaxy tab sto autorotation,my accelerometer is OK,calibrating did not solve the problem,when try to use the scientific calculator (Only works in landscape) it go to shut down...this start two days ago. Help please.....

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