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  1. gangsterazn

    gangsterazn Well-Known Member

    I have had my Thunderbolt for less than a week now and there has already been a scratch in the middle of the screen. Has anyone had this problem? I purchased it from Wirefly but their policy said that I would need to pay up to 300$ if the product isn't in new condition and they said once it is shipped to them they cant ship it back so if they deem it to be defective I would have to pay the fee. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? Can I get this fixed for through HTC or Gorilla Glass? I was also thinking I could just buy the Thunderbolt for another line at Best Buy or something where they are not as picky on that and just return that new one back to Wirefly. Please help!

  2. Wirefly

    Wirefly Well-Known Member

    What you are saying doesn't sound right. Our Satisfaction Gurantee allows for exchanges within the first 30 days. Please PM me your order number so I can research your order and have a manager contact you to assist. Thanks!!
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  3. nyrmetros

    nyrmetros Well-Known Member

    The glass on the TB is not great.
  4. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    I've had a Thunderbolt since launch and it sits in my pocket without a screen protector or case for the majority of the day every day. There isn't a single scratch on the device. Either different models have different strengths of glass or some people simply don't take as good care of the phone as they should.

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