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do you have the same sensitivty problem with the ultra's screen too?

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  1. yes and it can be very annoying i want a update to fix it

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  2. havnt really notice anything wrong with it

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  3. i dont really care it doesnt bother me at all

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  1. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    So hey guys I just got off the phone with a samsung rep and I was talking to him about how the screen can be so sensitive and annoying and he had transform ultra pretty close to him so he got and and I was telling him about how it difficult to move apps around the screen and he tried it too and it said yeah there a little bit of a problem with the senitiviy and he said that he would make a note of it and hopefully it will transfered to the upper samsung update center for then to realize and say " hey the screen has a little bit of a problem let's do a update to fix it" and I really do hope that they do a update soon to fix it but for the mean while here's a quick/temp fix for the problem when moving a app put 2 fingers on the screen and it actually worked and he did it too on the ultra that he had in his hand and he said he deff will be sending out a note to the update center he also said that 3rd party apps in the market could temp fix the problems too.
    Its called sgs touch screen booster when you download the app set everything to zero and exit the app and tell me if you don't see a big difference it actually workings try moving an app to test it out to see if it worked for you:D cuz it does for me thank good for google making the android OS open to 3rd partys app for doing stuff like this

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Didn't work for me, was hoping that it would. Says its for samsung galaxy s. I can't scroll the whole menu.
    I hope they do release a fix for this. I keep finding more and more problems with this phone
    Still happy that I switched from the prevail except for the lack of devs
  3. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    This issue has been really frustrating to me as well. You can see in the other thread on this topic that I've tried to pursue this as well. The response I got from the Samsung tech was nearly identical. He seemed very surprised, said it was the first he heard about it, said he would make sure whoever needed to know would know. He also told me to return the phone if I still could. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to. I've been getting the run around from Samsung ever since. I've sent emails and asked questions on the support site, but the response I keep getting is "we don't know if this ever going to be fixed." Judging from the apparent lack of support for the the SGS (a much more mainstream phone), I wouldn't hold my breath.

    The problem isn't "sensitivity", the problem is that the phone doesn't properly detect when you've lifted your finger off the screen.

    There is a program called touchutil that you can play with and see the problem. Go into settings and turn on "Show Touch Messages."

    You can see that if you drag around the screen for a while, it starts to go nuts detecting up and down events over and over.

    I think it has something to with the fact that the screen is capacitive, meaning that works (in this case doesn't work) through the electricity conducted through your fingers. With one finger, it doesn't work properly. You will notice, if you have two fingers on the screen, it works the way its supposed to.

    I've tried dozens of tricks to try and fix this, but nothing has worked. I even tried downloading the source code to see if I could find anything in there to adjust to make this work better. I've had no luck, and I don't know enough about Linux or Android to figure it out anytime soon.

    I'm hoping they've done something to fix this in the firmware for the Sprint version of the phone. We will see. It comes out for Sprint tomorrow I think, so let's hope we can get someone to post the firmware here for us.
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  4. dryphtyr

    dryphtyr New Member

    Like many others, my ultra has the exact same problem. What a pain. I've never had an android before, but I can't help but tinker with anything I can. I installed Go Launcher last night, not because of the sensitivity, but just to be able to change more stuff on the phone. I have noticed, however, that I can hold an icon & drag it with no problem now. In case there are other factors involved, I also have Go Keyboard installed. I'm definitely no dev but I am computer savvy, so if anyone has any questions about any specific settings I've used, don't hesitate to ask. I'm not entirely sure what I did that fixed it, but I guess it's better to be lucky than good sometimes. I hope this helps.
  5. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

  6. frozndevl

    frozndevl Member

    I just bought my wife this phone and had the same issue to begin with. To remedy this, I just spent a minutes dragging my finger all around the screen and that seemed to "break in" the responsiveness.
  7. weirdfate

    weirdfate Well-Known Member

    download this app-->
    in the app there is a setting down at the bottom that looks like a drop down menu(its cut off on my phone)

    select that and choose super optimized

    now click the menu key

    select start services(for good measure i also went back in and chose to apply changes

    not sure why but you need to do this every time the phone reboots?
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  8. DirtyPeter

    DirtyPeter New Member


    That app does nothing for my phone. Still has the same dang issue.
  9. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    the SGS Touchscreen Booster, which is for Galixy S, did not help my phone either... if anything after i uninstalled it the phone seems worse... but then again who knows
  10. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    yes, putting everything to the lowest (everything to the left) works tons better. I am able to move apps around much easier. Thanks again for your findings.
  11. southernsontn

    southernsontn Member

    Worked great for me
  12. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

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  13. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Great video... you should email it to samsung, not that they will say "never heard of the issue"
  14. itchybig

    itchybig Member

    I just called Samsung. The agent he said that it was not a known issue, and it was the first he'd heard of it, which is the same thing that another user above was told a couple weeks ago. He also told me that software updates are usually handled by the carrier, and that I should contact them as well. He said that he logged the issue. I told him that it was commonly reported online, and has been mentioned in some reviews of the phone as well. Now I'm gonna report it to Boost/Sprint.
  15. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    im pretty sure its possible to change the screen sensitivity with root access when i root my phone i'll go around looking for the screen written section of the firmwire and see if i can change it cause i mean really what are the odds of samsung actually pushing out an updated to fix it? since the prevail is on android 2.3.5 we will evenutally get an update to 2.3.5 too, because as of now the ultra is running 2.3.4 we probbly wont get it for like another 2-4 months but we'll most likely see then if they fixed the issue with the screen or not.

    and BTW if your wondering what changes on android 2.3.5 is that the NFC chip will be activated and some bug fixes for voice search.
  16. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    It's not a screen sensitivity problem, hopefully it's an error in the firmware script or something, but please do look into it as much as you possibly can.
  17. fulcrum

    fulcrum Member

    The app that weirdfate gave a link to, helped my phone out very much. It is still not perfect, but a vast improvement. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Also it still seems to work even after I completely power off the phone and turn it back on.

  18. Puppet MasteR

    Puppet MasteR Member

    Any updates on this issue? I have Downloaded 'Draw Something' and I am having issues drawing (I am a bad artist this I know) sometimes when I try to draw a straight line or a circle it is dotted instead of a solid line.
  19. william99m

    william99m New Member

    i am also curious. its pretty annoying when using the unified remote app and swype.
  20. BLuFeNiX

    BLuFeNiX Well-Known Member

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  21. william99m

    william99m New Member

    thanks! its working a lot better.
  22. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    is this update still available, ive yet to check on my mothers phone
  23. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    Some people still get the update notification, others on 2.3.4 don't. If the phone is rooted, you can just use CWM to install one of the 2.3.6 roms. Loota's Bear Essentials or Ultra Rom. If you want to stick with 2.3.4, you can install Bobzhome's overclocking kernel, it contains the touch screen fix. I'm using the latter of the two and haven't had the update notification in over a month.

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