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  1. terporiolefan

    terporiolefan Member

    Is anyone else having trouble taking a screenshot? I don't know what would have changed, but nothing happens when I hit the power button & home at the same time...the home button doesn't vibrate to acknowledge it's being pressed, and I'm eventually greeted with the shut down menu.

    It always used to work for me with no problems. Restarting the phone didn't help either.

    By the way, I am NOT rooted.

    Any advice? Hope you guys can help!

  2. Brent372

    Brent372 Well-Known Member

    The timing is a little different. You just have to play with it a little more. You'll get it. I had this same problem after the ICS update but finally have the timing down.
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  3. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Never had any trouble... press and hold Power then press Home before the "Power Menu" pops up, then release both keys, don't try to do them at same time.
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  4. HTC Rezound, ICS

    I'm super new to these forums, but I haven't found my issue after an hour or so of searching- so here goes. My problem isn't TAKING the screen shots, it's after. If I take two or three screen shots in a row, my phone freezes. I can't even hold down the power button to reset it- I have to remove the battery.

    I'm able to reproduce this issue. It wasn't a fluke. I've reproduced the problem with all tasks killed, in airplane mode and right after a fresh restart.

    In addition to this issue, I have another (presumably seperate) issue with my camera. I'm not able to reproduce the issue, it just occurs sporadically. Occasionally, I open my app drawer, click on the camera, the screen flashes black, then goes back to the app drawer- and won't open the camera. Same thing happens with Camcorder when this issue occurs. When I try to go to the camera through the gallery, the phone freezes and I'm again stuck taking the battery out to reset the phone.

    Aside from these two issues- I love this phone. I'm just wondering if anyone else has these issues- and if there are any fixes?? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

  5. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    I have not seen either of these issues... my first thought would be a factory reset and try to reproduce the issues with the phone "clean" (ie. no apps loaded at all and none disabled), if things are fine then add apps slowly until the problem recurs. My money is on a misbehaving app causing the issue... :/
  6. I did a reset and tried it with no apps installed, it still did it. I'll try again, but it's looking like it might be an issue with the on board software or the phone itself... is that possible?

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