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Screen shuts off during phone callSupport

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  1. pinstripes4

    pinstripes4 New Member

    I updated my Vivid to Ice Cream Sandwich a few months ago and this is when my recurring issue started. I'm going to try to describe this as clearly as possible, so I apologize if it's hard to understand.
    Whenever I place a phone call, the screen shuts off but I have trouble turning it back on to perhaps end the call or enter numbers on a list of options. For example just now, I just reached someone's voicemail and I couldn't turn the screen back on to end the phone call, so I left a message of the awkward sounds of me fumbling to pull out the battery in haste.
    I know the screen is supposed to automatically turn off when you put it to your ear, but when you take it away from your ear to look at the screen, isn't it supposed to turn back on automatically as well? Well, at least that's what happened when I was still on the previous OS.

    Anyone know what the problem is? (sorry if I didn't articulate it understandably)

  2. here4kids

    here4kids Member

    I understand fully and have the same issue. The screen sensor turns the screen off when it goes to my ear, but when I pull it away, it does not turn back on. This leaves it difficult to dial more numbers, or disconnect.
  3. pinstripes4

    pinstripes4 New Member

    Another small detail -
    As I desperately try to turn the screen back on, the backlight behind the keys at the bottom (home, back, search) flickers dimly, in a sad sort of way.
  4. Jalascooby

    Jalascooby Member

    M'y galaxy s3 has similar issue. For example, after I call through customer service , then you need to press extension number . But the phone screen is black and not turn on even you shake the phone hard. Fix please if somebody knows.
  5. owentaba35

    owentaba35 Member

    It reboots by itself when it's not[​IMG]
  6. TonyMo

    TonyMo Member

    I have the same issue using a Samsung Galaxy SII X.

    I have taken the following actions to no avail:

    - my screen protector does not conver the proximity sensor;
    - the proximity sensor is clean;
    - I have disabled proximity sensor (phone>call settings>turn on proximity sensor); and
    - I have disabled automatic brightness (settings>display>brightness).

    All of the above have been suggested within this and/or other forums. However, none of these solutions corrected this most annoying problem.

    Some have suggested that the phone is the issue - however, suspect that there may be a software issue and that a patch or fix may be available would hate to have to exchange phones yet again.

    Any and all suggestions would be most welcome.


  7. pinstripes4

    pinstripes4 New Member

    I ended up replacing the phone at one of those ATT repair locations. The rep there told me there was some corruption with the phone but couldn't get into specifics. It couldn't be repaired so they gave me a new Vivid. I hope you guys find a way out of taking these measures.

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