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  1. Dave_T_UK

    Dave_T_UK Active Member

    I was streaming a football match on my Galaxy Note 10.1(with JB update) for the first time the other day, but the note kept going to sleep.
    I turned off the eye/face detection, went to the timeout value expecting to find a "Never" option but the longest it can be set to is just 30 min.
    Is there a way to stop it going to sleep just while I want to watch something like this.
    I have looked at all the setting options but can't find anything that would do this
    Cheers guys and thanks for any points on this
    Dave T

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Why not just yse Smart Stay instead of increasing screen sleep time?
  3. Dave_T_UK

    Dave_T_UK Active Member

    Two reasons
    One. I don't want to have to hold the tablet for two hours.
    Two. I intend to buy the HDMI adaptor (if this issue can be sorted) to display on my TV, so I would not be holding the tablet at all.
    Cheers Dave T
  4. Alex xander

    Alex xander Member

    Apps like youtube and the media player should override this, perhaps you could write to the developer and recommend this?
  5. Dave_T_UK

    Dave_T_UK Active Member

    I am streaming live from the web, so this is not an option. I was wondering that if I plug in a hdmi adapter, would this disable the sleep mode ? Only problem is I would have to pay out about

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