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  1. clipperqb

    clipperqb Well-Known Member

    Most times when using the phone on a call, when I move the phone away from my face to hang up, the screen goes to sleep. I have to hit the power button to get to the end call button. same holds true if I'm on a call and have to enter some numbers to an automated system. Very frustrating! I think this was happening pre ics, I also did a factory reset after going to ics.


  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    This sounds like an issue with your proximity sensor, it is just below the earpiece (can't remember if it is to the left of the light sensor or camera), but there are a number of things you can check... dirt/smudges in this area, some screen protectors will cause this, lint can get under the glass from the earpiece, or it can be just a defective sensor.

    Dirty screen or screen protectors causing the issue are pretty easy to determine, lint is a little tougher, sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't. As far as checking the proximity sensor, on GB it was easy, you could use any number of apps in the Play Store to test them, but since we got ICS every single one I have tried causes the phone to reboot.
  3. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I agree... it definitely sounds like the proximity sensor needs a quick clean. Take a serious at your screen protector if you are using one. It's common for that to be the culprit.
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  4. stkorn97

    stkorn97 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have a matte screen protector and had that same problem, I have since sliced a little triangle shaped piece around the sensor (was easiest to cut that shape without making too many edges that can peel up) and now it works even in the dark.
  5. Bhelios

    Bhelios Well-Known Member

    Don't rule out dust if you carry your phone on your pocket... the ear speaker opening offers a perfect shot right down to your sensor. I've had to use a couple bursts of compressed air to clear the dust from the sensor.
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  6. clipperqb

    clipperqb Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks for the ideas, I don't use a screen protector but ill give it a good cleaning.

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