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Screen time out and syncingSupport

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  1. elan114

    elan114 New Member

    So my wife and I both got Galaxy Blazes from T-Mobile and I am trying to get her to love her's rather then wanting to go back to her Crackberry. She is having two problems, which I am not having, even after I made sure all of her settings are the same as mine.

    I will start by saying I am currently at work and don't have her phone in front of me but here is what I know based on the settings I gave her.

    1) The screen is timing out after 15 sec even though screen time out on the display settings is 1 minute, power save mode is only set to go into effect at 30% battery remaining and screen timeout when in power save is still 1 minute. Thoughts?

    2) I have no problem with my phone syncing or using things like telenav when I am out and about on the 4G network, but synching and other apps that require constant contact only work when she is connected to WiFi. What could be limiting it so that WiFi is good but 4G is not working? I swear I have been all over the settings and her and mine are the same.

    Again we are using the exact same phone both running Android 2.3.6, bought on the same day.

  2. elan114

    elan114 New Member

    Ok so I figured out the sync on 4G issue, evidently T-Mobile failed to realize that since my wife was going from a Blackberry to an Android they needed to change over her data plan. Not sure why data plan needs to be device dependent, just give her 2GB regardless of what she is on.

    Still trying to figure out why screen times out when not in energy save mode and with both timeouts set now to 2 minutes.

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